Butterick at TYPO Berlin

Matthew Butterick, author of Typography for Lawyers, gave a talk at TYPO Berlin last week on “Reversing the Tide of Declining Expectations.” The full video of his talk can be found on the TYPO Video Portal. The sketchnotes of his talk are here.

Of some interest to Jones McClure readers was this highlight:

Another topic [Butterick] explored in detail was digital books, where “declining expectations have taken an early lead”. Here design and typography were described as being completely abandoned or having inherited the typographic failures from the web. In this case lowering expectations seems much riskier choice as it could have detrimental effects the fundamental experience of reading.

For lawyers, it’s not just about reading. It’s also about the intersection of reading and research. From our perspective, Butterick’s cautionary statements about lowering expectations (e.g., Kindle) are even more imperative in that context.