O’Connor’s California Practice * Civil Pretrial 2017 is here!

O'Connor's California Practice - Civil Pretrial 2017 is here

With its detailed commentaries and unique chronological structure, O’Connor’s California Practice * Civil Pretrial provides a comprehensive yet portable guide to walk you step by step through California pretrial practice. The book tackles procedural issues with one goal in mind: to give you the right answer quickly. It’s designed to save you time and money. Here’s what’s new in this year’s edition:

  • Updated commentaries including relevant case law from the past year as well as changes to the Code of Civil Procedure, Evidence Code, California Rules of Court, Judicial Council Forms, and more. For example, we revised our discussion of spousal privileges to reflect changes made to the Evidence Code on the rights of registered domestic partners.
  • Extensively revised subchapter on anti-SLAPP motions based on recent opinions by the Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal. In particular, we updated and revised our discussion of how an anti-SLAPP motion operates against a so-called “mixed cause of action” in light of the California Supreme Court opinion in Baral v. Schnitt (2016) 1 Cal.5th 376.
  • New discussion of when cases can be cited as persuasive or binding authority since the California Supreme Court amended the Rules of Court to eliminate the practice of automatically “depublishing” published Court of Appeal decisions when the Supreme Court grants review.
  • Updated Evidence Code including legislative changes marked with underline and strikethrough, plus new annotations—quotes from recent cases interpreting specific Evidence Code sections.


O’Connor’s California Practice * Civil Pretrial  offers the well-researched answers you will need in your practice without the hassle. This is all brought to you with the expert insight of our highly respected editors—David I. Levine, Hon. Peter J. Polos (ret.), and Hon. Michol O’Connor (ret.).

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