O’Connor’s Federal Employment Codes Plus 2017-2018 is here!

O'Connor's Federal Employment Codes Plus 2017-2018 is here!

Along with the case-law annotated federal employment codes you’ll need in practice, O’Connor’s Federal Employment Codes Plus offers an invaluable collection of well-researched flowcharts, timetables, charts, and summaries.

Trying to find the statutory causes of action your client may have against her employer? Need to know if your client must exhaust administrative remedies before filing suit? Did you research deadlines and limitations? Check out our chart that organizes and summarizes the federal employment laws.

Helping a client file a discrimination charge with the EEOC? Our timetable will show you the steps and deadlines you need to meet to preserve the claim.

Want to get paid? Our comprehensive chart of statutory attorney fees recoverable in all types of labor and employment actions from the ADA to the WARN Act, across multiple industries and sectors from the military to mining, will help you quickly assess what is required to recover fees and costs.

O’Connor’s Federal Employment Codes Plus includes all of the following “plus” content:

  • Administrative-Employee Test Flowchart
  • Computer-Professional-Employee Test Flowchart
  • EEOC Discrimination Charge Flowchart
  • EEOC Discrimination Charge Timetable
  • Executive-Employee Test Flowchart
  • FLSA Exemptions Chart
  • “Highly Compensated Employee” Test Flowchart
  • Learned- or Creative-Professional-Employee Test Flowchart
  • Popular Names Table
  • Statutes of Limitations Chart
  • Statutory Attorney Fees Chart
  • Summary Chart of Federal Employment Laws
  • Summary of Antiretaliation Statutes
  • Summary of Key ERISA Provisions

Make O’Connor’s Federal Employment Codes Plus your first source for federal employment law. O’Connor’s Federal Employment Codes Plus 2017-2018 is now in stock—visit our online store to order your copy!