Texas Tacos (Almost) Get Some Love from the Legislature

While the political divide in this country seems to grow deeper each day, there appears to be one thing that can unite us—the taco.  Both Republicans and Democrats agree that the Texas taco, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is the tastiest thing this side of the Rio Grande.

Tacos can be found just about everywhere in Texas.  Hungry patrons gobble them up at Buc-ee’s gas stations in Houston during a fill-up.  College football fans swing by the Donut Taco Palace in Austin before the big game.  Trendy hipsters visit Torchy’s Tacos in Dallas to enjoy a breakfast taco day or night.

Texas lawmakers took notice of this profound love of tacos and introduced two resolutions to make it official.  Democrat Gina Hinojosa from the 49th District representing Austin introduced House Concurrent Resolution 110.  In it, she chronicled the more popular ingredients like brisket, sausage, eggs, and beans, as well as some of the more esoteric ones like octopus and kimchi fried rice.  She mused about the origins of the taco and proposed its adoption as the official state food of Texas no matter what the fillings happen to be.

Republican Stephanie Klick from the 91st District, representing Eastland County (just west of Dallas/Fort Worth), also introduced a resolution.  H.C.R. 92 focuses on the more humble breakfast taco.  Describing it as a “building block of Mexican cuisine for over a century,” the resolution chronicles the history of the breakfast taco all the way back to the cattle drives of the 1850s.  After discussing the spirited debate over where in Texas the breakfast taco originated, she too advocated for its adoption as the official breakfast food of Texas.

Despite the popularity of the taco and its power to unify us, neither resolution passed this year.  Perhaps it was the nefarious Chili lobby that prevented either taco resolution from passing.  Chili is currently the official state dish of Texas.  However, as Representative Hinojosa points out, chili could remain the official state dish of Texas and tacos could become the official state food of Texas because tacos need no dish.

Alas, we will have to wait until the next legislative season to see…

flickr image by Connor Turner is licensed under CC by -SA 2.0