TX Legislature Makes Over 500 Changes to the Family Code—Are You Ready for Sept. 1?

The Texas Legislature made over 500 changes to the Texas Family Code this year! O’Connor’s Texas Family Code Plus has been updated with all these changes, plus legislative summaries organized by subject matter and a quick-reference chart identifying all the amended and enacted sections.

Here are just some of the key topics affected by 2017 legislation:

  • Authorization agreements
  • Child-custody evaluations
  • Mediated settlement agreements
  • Protective orders
  • Suits for dissolution and SAPCRs
  • Termination of parental rights (including new restrictions on supporting evidence)
  • Underage marriage
  • Unsupervised visitation

This year’s edition is also updated with new annotations that reflect cutting-edge case law. As the only code book with quoted annotations to the Family Code, Rules of Civil Procedure, and Rules of Evidence all in one user-friendly volume, O’Connor’s Texas Family Code Plus is a must-have for every family lawyer’s library.

O’Connor’s Texas Family Code Plus 2017-2018  is now available to order—visit our online store to get your copy! And if you’ll be at the Advanced Family Law Conference next month, come say hello and stock up.