Over 100 Changes Made to the Texas Property Code—Are You Prepared?

The 85th Texas Legislature made over 100 changes to the Property Code this year! O’Connor’s Texas Property Code Plus has been updated with all the legislative changes, plus legislative summaries organized by subject matter and a quick-reference chart identifying all the amended and enacted sections. Examples of legislation that will directly affect how you practice property law include:

  • Enactment of the Texas Uniform Partition of Heirs’ Property Act (UPHPA).
  • Extension of the protections for people attempting to access a residence for retrieval of personal property.
  • Changes to the law relating to agricultural liens.
  • Enactment of Chapter 77—Report, Delivery & Claims Process for Unclaimed Restitution Payments.
  • Expansion of the protections for tenants when summoning emergency assistance for family violence.
  • Changes to the law relating to trusts.
  • And much more!

This year’s edition also includes new annotations that reflect cutting-edge case law and a newly updated eviction appeal timetable.

Make O’Connor’s Texas Property Code Plus your first source for Texas property law. O’Connor’s Texas Property Code Plus 2017-2018 is now in stock—visit our online store to order your copy!