2017 Legislation Affects TX Business Organizations Code and Business & Commerce Code

As 2018 nears, have you taken stock of all of the 2017 legislative changes affecting Texas business law? With helpful legislative summaries and sections-affected charts, let O’Connor’s be your guide to the 85th Legislature’s impact on the Texas Business Organizations Code and the Texas Business & Commerce Code.

O’Connor’s Texas Business Organizations Code Plus 2017-2018  is the complete guide to Texas business organizations—it includes the entire Business Organizations Code, selected Business & Commerce Code sections, the Texas Securities Act, and related statutes, annotated with quotations from controlling cases. This edition includes recent amendments to key statutory provisions, such as:

  • Entity names
  • Service of process on LLCs
  • Enforceability of LLC and LP agreements
  • Examination of books and records
  • Public-benefit corporations
  • Ratification of corporate acts

The new edition also includes the updated Texas Administrative Code title 7, part 7 (governing securities), old versions of statutes that may still govern some litigation (such as the Texas Business Corporation Act), and cross-references to organizational forms that must be filed with the Texas Secretary of State.

O’Connor’s Texas Business & Commerce Code Plus 2017-2018  contains a wide-ranging set of laws governing everything from sales contracts to identity theft. The latest edition has every statutory amendment passed in the recent legislative session, including laws on the following topics:

  • Construction contracts
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Music piracy
  • Real property foreclosure sales
  • Sexually oriented businesses
  • And much more.


The 2017-2018 editions of O’Connor’s Texas Business Organizations Code Plus and O’Connor’s Texas Business & Commerce Code Plus are now in stock—visit our online store to order your copy!