O’Connor’s Texas CPRC Plus 2017-2018

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August 2017
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by David J. Beck

Book Features

The must-have companion to O’Connor’s Texas Rules * Civil Trials and O’Connor’s Texas Causes of Action. Contains important statutes cited in both books, plus the entire Civil Practice & Remedies Code—with extensive case annotations—and much more.

New Features for 2017

O’Connor’s Texas CPRC Plus has been fully updated to include over 200 legislative changes from the 85th Regular Session and over 60 new annotations from recent Texas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions affecting civil litigation

O’Connor’s Texas CPRC Plus has also been updated to include recent amendments to the State Bar Rules and Texas Rules of Judicial Administration.

Table of Contents

Charts Degrees of Relatives Legal Holidays for Purposes of Filing Statutes Authorizing Exemplary Damages Statutes of Limitations Statutory Attorney Fees—Attorney General Statutory Attorney Fees—Private Litigants Statutory Injunctions Waivers of Governmental Immunity Rules Rules of Judicial Administration Texas State Bar Rules Preamble Article I—Definitions Article II—General Provisions Article III—Membership Article IV—Administration Article V—Fiscal Article VI—Adopting & Amending the State Bar Rules Article VII—Meetings of the State Bar of Texas Article VIII—Committees, Sections & Divisions Article IX—Texas Bar Journal Article X—Discipline & Suspension of Members I. Client-Lawyer Relationship II. Counselor III. Advocate IV. Non-client Relationships V. Law Firms & Associations VI. Public Service VII. Information About Legal Services VIII. Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession IX. Severability of Rules Article XI—Interest Earned on Client Funds Held by Attorneys Article XII—Minimum Continuing Legal Education Article XIII—Emeritus Attorneys Pro Bono Participation Program Statutes Alcohol & Beverage Code Title 1. General Provisions Title 4. Regulatory & Penal Provisions Texas Business and Commerce Code Title 2. Competition & Trade Practices Texas Constitution Article 1 Article 3 Article 5 Article 11 Article 16 Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code Title 1. General Provisions Title 2. Trial, Judgment, & Appeal Title 3. Extraordinary Remedies Title 4. Liability in Tort Title 5. Governmental Liability Title 6. Miscellaneous Provisions Title 7. Alternate Methods of Dispute Resolution Texas Finance Code Title 3. Financial Institutions & Businesses Title 4. Regulation of Interest, Loans, & Financed Transactions Title 5. Protection of Consumers of Financial Services Texas Government Code Title 2. Judicial Branch Title 3. Legislative Branch Title 4. Executive Branch Title 5. Open Government; Ethics Title 6. Public Officers & Employees Title 10. General Government Texas Health & Safety Code Title 2. Health Title 4. Health Facilities Title 5. Sanitation & Environmental Quality Title 6. Food, Drugs, Alcohol, & Hazardous Substances Title 8. Death & Disposition of the Body Title 9. Safety Texas Insurance Code Title 2. Texas Department of Insurance Title 5. Protection of Consumer Interests Title 6. Organization of Insurers & Related Entities Title 8. Health Insurance & Other Health Coverages Title 10. Property & Casualty Insurance Texas Local Government Code Title 1. General Provisions Title 2. Organization of Municipal Government Title 3. Organization of County Government Title 4. Finances Title 5. Matters Affecting Public Officers & Employees Title 6. Records Title 7. Regulation of Land Use, Structures, Businesses, & Related Activities Title 8. Acquisition, Sale, or Lease of Property Title 9. Public Buildings & Grounds Texas Occupations Code Title 3. Health Professions Title 4. Professions Related to Animals Title 5. Regulation of Financial & Legal Services Title 7. Practices & Professions Related to Real Property & Housing Title 14. Regulation of Motor Vehicles & Transportation Texas Property Code Title 2. Conveyances Title 3. Public Records Title 4. Actions & Remedies Title 5. Exempt Property & Liens Title 8. Landlord & Tenant Title 9. Trusts Title 10. Miscellaneous Beneficial Property Interests Texas Revised Civil Statutes Title 19. Blue Sky Law—Securities Title 105. Partnerships & Joint Stock Companies Code of Judicial Conduct The Texas Lawyer's Creed The Texas Lawyer’s Creed—A Mandate for Professionalism WebList Internet Guide General Information Federal Information State Information

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