O’Connor’s Texas Estates Code Plus 2017-2018

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October 2017
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Book Features

O’Connor’s Texas Estates Code Plus is an essential resource for Texas probate and estate-planning attorneys, with all the Texas statutes you use the most in daily practice.

New Features for 2017

The Texas Legislature made over 200 changes to the Estates Code this year! O’Connor’s Texas Estates Code Plus has been updated with all of these changes, plus legislative analysis and a quick-reference chart identifying all amended and enacted sections.

This year’s edition is also updated with new annotations from the latest key court opinions, and the charts and timetables have been extensively updated with legislation. Besides the annotated Estates Code, the book also includes the annotated Trust Code and select provisions from a dozen other codes—all updated with 2017 legislation.

Table of Contents

Charts Appointment of Ad Litems Creditor's Claims—Dependent Administration Creditor's Claims—Guardianship Administration Creditor's Claims—Independent Administration Dependent Administration of Decedent's Estate Derivation Table—Estates Code to Probate Code Disposition Table—Probate Code to Estates Code Guardianship Administration Independent Administration of Decedent's Estate Statutes of Limitations in Probate & Other Proceedings Statutory Attorney Fees in Probate & Other Proceedings Statutory Compensation for Fiduciaries in Probate Summary of Texas Probate Service-of-Citation Statutes Taxation of Estates Temporary Administration of Decedent's Estate Temporary Guardianship Administration Texas Descent & Distribution Texas Statutory Probate Courts Rules Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Part I. General Rules Part II. Rules of Practice in District & County Courts Part VI. Rules Relating to Ancillary Proceedings Texas Rules of Evidence Article IV. Relevance & Its Limits Article V. Privileges Article VI. Witnesses Article VIII. Hearsay Article IX. Authentication & Identification Statutes Texas Business Organizations Code Title 1. General Provisions Texas Constitution Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code Title 2. Trial, Judgment, & Appeal Title 3. Extraordinary Remedies Title 4. Liability in Tort Title 6. Miscellaneous Provisions Texas Election Code Title 1. Introductory Provisions Title 2. Voter Qualifications & Registration Texas Estates Code Title 1. General Provisions Title 2. Estates of Decedents; Durable Powers of Attorney Title 3. Guardianship & Related Procedures Title 25. Repealed Texas Family Code Title 1. The Marriage Relationship Title 2. Child in Relation to the Family Title 5. The Parent-Child Relationship & the Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship Texas Finance Code Title 3. Financial Institutions & Businesses Title 4. Regulation of Interest, Loans, & Financed Transactions Texas Government Code Title 2. Judicial Branch Title 4. Executive Branch Title 5. Open Government; Ethics Texas Health & Safety Code Title 2. Health Title 3. Vital Statistics Title 4. Health Facilities Title 5. Sanitation & Environmental Quality Title 6. Food, Drugs, Alcohol, & Hazardous Substances Title 7. Mental Health & Intellectual Disability Title 8. Death & Disposition of the Body Texas Human Resources Code Title 2. Human Services & Protective Services in General Title 6. Services for the Elderly Title 11. Aging, Community-Based, & Long-Term Care Services Texas Insurance Code Title 7. Life Insurance & Annuities Texas Penal Code Title 5. Offenses Against the Person Title 6. Offenses Against the Family Title 7. Offenses Against Property Texas Probate Code Chapter I. General Provisions Chapter II. Descent & Distribution Chapter III. Determination of Heirship Chapter IV. Execution & Revocation of Wills Chapter V. Probate & Grant of Administration Chapter VI. Special Types of Administration Chapter VII. Executors & Administrators Chapter VIII. Proceedings During Administration Chapter IX. Repealed Chapter X. Payment of Estates into State Treasury Chapter XI. Nontestamentary Transfers Chapter XI-A. Provisions Applicable to Certain Nontestamentary Transfers Chapter XII. Durable Power of Attorney Act Chapter XIII. Guardianship Texas Property Code Title 2. Conveyances Title 4. Actions & Remedies Title 5. Exempt Property & Liens Title 6. Unclaimed Property Title 8. Landlord & Tenant Title 9. Trusts Title 10. Miscellaneous Beneficial Property Interests Title 13. Disclaimer of Property Interests Texas Transportation Code Title VII. Vehicles & Traffic United States Code Title 12. Banks & Banking Chapter 2. National Banks Title 26. Internal Revenue Code Chapter 11. Estate Tax Chapter 12. Gift Tax Chapter 61. Information & Returns Chapter 62. Time & Place for Paying Tax Chapter 66. Limitations Chapter 71. Transferees & Fiduciaries Title 29. Labor Chapter 18. Employee Retirement Income Security Program Title 31. Money & Finance Chapter 37. Claims WebList Internet Guide Estates-Law Information General Texas Information General Federal Information

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