O’Connor’s Federal Criminal Rules & Codes Plus 2018

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March 2018
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Book Features

O’Connor’s Federal Criminal Rules & Codes 2018 is the only codebook with annotated Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence. The book also includes other federal rules, Title 18 U.S.C., selections from the Sentencing Guidelines, and selections from many other U.S.C. titles that provide for offenses or relate to criminal procedure.

New Features for 2018

O’Connor’s Federal Criminal Rules & Codes Plus 2018 has all the statutory and rule changes along with all the latest significant case law. This edition has new case annotations on:

  • Allocution
  • Appeal waivers
  • Closing arguments
  • Continuances
  • Electronic evidence
  • Government disclosures
  • Indictments
  • Joint representation
  • Jury polls
  • Plea agreements
  • Restitution
  • Right to inspect documents
  • Sentencing calculations
  • Supervised release

Bonus features like sentencing guidelines, additional court rules (such as the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and rules for habeas corpus), and handy charts help make O’Connor’s Federal Criminal Rules & Codes Plus your most valuable desktop reference book.

Table of Contents

Charts Complicity Crimes that Provide for Criminal Forfeiture Federal Controlled Substances FRCrP 41(h)—Motions to Suppress & the Exclusionary Rule Impeachment by Prior Conviction Under FRE 609(a)(2) Limitations Under 18 U.S.C. ch. 213 Multiple Prosecutions Review of FRCrP 12 Motions Before & After 2014 Amendment Suspension of Limitations Rules Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure Title I. Applicability of Rules Title II. Appeal from a Judgment or Order of a District Court Title III. Appeals from the United States Tax Court Title IV. Review or Enforcement of an Order of an Administrative Agency, Board, Commission, or Officer Title V. Extraordinary Writs Title VI. Habeas Corpus; Proceedings in Forma Pauperis Title VII. General Provisions Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Title I. Applicability Title II. Preliminary Proceedings Title III. The Grand Jury, the Indictment, & the Information Title IV. Arraignment & Preparation for Trial Title V. Venue Title VI. Trial Title VII. Post-Conviction Procedures Title VIII. Supplementary & Special Proceedings Title IX. General Provisions Federal Rules of Evidence Article I. General Provisions Article II. Judicial Notice Article III. Presumptions in Civil Cases Article IV. Relevance & Its Limits Article V. Privileges Article VI. Witnesses Article VII. Opinions & Expert Testimony Article VIII. Hearsay Article IX. Authentication & Identification Article X. Contents of Writings, Recordings, & Photographs Article XI. Miscellaneous Rules Supreme Court Rules Part I. The Court Part II. Attorneys & Counselors Part III. Jurisdiction on Writ of Certiorari Part IV. Other Jurisdiction Part V. Motions & Applications Part VI. Briefs on the Merits & Oral Argument Part VII. Practice & Procedure Part VIII. Disposition of Cases Part IX. Definitions & Effective Date United States Code Statutes United States Code Title 8. Aliens & Nationality Chapter 12. Immigration & Nationality Title 15. Commerce & Trade Chapter 41. Consumer Credit Protection Title 18. Crimes & Criminal Procedure Title 21. Food & Drugs Chapter 13. Drug Abuse Prevention & Control Title 26. Internal Revenue Code Chapter 53. Machine Guns, Destructive Devices, & Certain Other Firearms Chapter 75. Crimes, Other Offenses, & Forfeitures Title 28. Judiciary & Judicial Procedure Chapter 31. The Attorney General Chapter 37. United States Marshals Service Chapter 58. United States Sentencing Commission Chapter 81. Supreme Court Chapter 83. Courts of Appeals Chapter 123. Fees & Costs Chapter 153. Habeas Corpus Chapter 154. Special Habeas Corpus Procedures in Capital Cases Chapter 163. Fines, Penalties & Forfeitures Title 31. Money & Finance Chapter 53. Monetary Transactions Title 41. Public Contracts Chapter 87. Kickbacks Title 46. Shipping Chapter 705. Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Title 49. Transportation Chapter 463. Penalties Chapter 465. Special Aircraft Jurisdiction of the United States Chapter 11. National Transportation Safety Board Chapter 119. Civil & Criminal Penalties United States Constitution United States Sentencing Guidelines

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