O’Connor’s Federal Employment Codes Plus 2017-2018

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May 2017
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by Jeffrey Londa

Book Features

O’Connor’s Federal Employment Codes packs comprehensive coverage of federal employment and labor law into a portable volume that will be indispensable to your practice. Complete with statutes, annotated cases, history notes, cross-references to applicable regulations and executive orders, and time-saving charts, this book covers a broad range of federal employment topics.

New Features for 2017

This year’s edition has been updated with new annotations from key opinions issued by the U.S. Supreme Court and all the federal courts of appeals in 2016 relating to all areas of your federal employment practice, including ERISA, NLRA, FLSA, FMLA, Title VII, whistleblower protection, and administrative actions. The cross-references, charts, and timetables have also been revised and updated with the newest cases, statutes, regulatory changes, EEOC guidances, and executive orders.

Table of Contents

Charts Administrative-Employee Test Flowchart Computer-Professional-Employee Test Flowchart EEOC Discrimination Charge Flowchart EEOC Discrimination Charge Timetable Executive-Employee Test Flowchart FLSA Exemptions Chart “Highly Compensated Employee” Test Flowchart Learned- or Creative-Professional-Employee Test Flowchart Popular Names Table Statutes of Limitations Chart Statutory Attorney Fees Chart Summary Chart of Federal Employment Laws Summary of Antiretaliation Statutes Summary of Key ERISA Provisions Statutes Federal Employment Code Title 2. The Congress Chapter 24. Congressional Accountability Title 5. Government Organization & Employees Chapter 5. Administrative Procedure Chapter 12. Merit Systems Protection Board, Office of Special Counsel, & Employee Right of Action Chapter 13. Special Authority Chapter 72. Antidiscrimination; Right to Petition Congress Chapter 73. Suitability, Security, & Conduct Chapter 75. Adverse Actions Chapter 77. Appeals Chapter 79. Services to Employees Chapter 23. Merit System Principles Chapter 71. Labor-Management Relations Title 8. Aliens & Nationality Chapter 12. Immigration & Nationality Title 9. Arbitration Chapter 1. General Provisions Title 15. Commerce & Trade Chapter 41. Consumer Credit Protection Title 18. Crimes & Criminal Procedure Chapter 13. Civil Rights Chapter 31. Embezzlement & Theft Chapter 41. Extortion & Threats Chapter 47. Fraud & False Statements Chapter 57. Labor Chapter 77. Peonage, Slavery, & Trafficking in Persons Chapter 93. Public Officers & Employees Title 19. Customs Duties Chapter 21. North American Free Trade Title 28. Judiciary & Judicial Procedure Chapter 121. Juries; Trial by Jury Title 29. Labor Chapters 1 to 4A. [Omitted by Editor] Chapter 4B. Federal Employment Service Chapter 4C. Apprentice Labor Chapter 5. Labor Disputes; Mediation & Injunctive Relief Chapter 6. Jurisdiction of Courts in Matters Affecting Employer & Employee Chapter 7. Labor-Management Relations Chapter 8. Fair Labor Standards Chapter 9. Portal-to-Portal Pay Chapter 10. Disclosure of Welfare & Pension Plans Chapter 11. Labor-Management Reporting & Disclosure Procedure Chapter 12. Department of Labor Chapter 13. Exemplary Rehabilitation Certificates Chapter 14. Age Discrimination in Employment Chapter 15. Occupational Safety & Health Chapter 16. Vocational Rehabilitation & Other Rehabilitation Services Chapter 18. Employee Retirement Income Security Program Chapter 19. Repealed Chapter 20. Migrant & Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Chapter 21. [Omitted by Editor] Chapter 22. Employee Polygraph Protection Chapter 23. Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification Chapters 24 to 26. Repealed Chapter 27. [Omitted by Editor] Chapter 28. Family & Medical Leave Chapters 29 to 32. [Omitted by Editor] Title 30. Mineral Lands & Mining Chapter 22. Mine Safety & Health Title 33. Navigation & Navigable Waters Chapter 18. Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Title 38. Veterans’ Benefits Chapter 42. Employment & Training of Veterans Chapter 43. Employment & Reemployment Rights of Members of the Uniformed Services Title 40. Public Buildings, Property, & Works Chapter 31. General Chapter 37. Contract Work Hours & Safety Standards Title 41. Public Contracts Chapter 71. Contract Disputes Chapter 47. Miscellaneous Chapter 65. Contracts for Materials, Supplies, Articles, & Equipment Exceeding $10,000 Chapter 67. Service Contract Labor Standards Chapter 81. Drug-Free Workplace Chapter 87. Kickbacks Title 42. The Public Health & Welfare Chapter 21. Civil Rights Chapter 21F. Prohibiting Employment Discrimination on the Basis of Genetic Information Chapter 126. Equal Opportunity for Individuals with Disabilities Title 45. Railroads Chapter 2. Liability for Injuries to Employees Chapter 8. Railway Labor Chapter 9. Retirement of Railroad Employees Title 49. Transportation Chapter 53. Public Transportation Chapter 451. Alcohol & Controlled Substances Testing Chapter 201. General Chapter 311. Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Chapter 313. Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators WebList Internet Guide Federal Employment Information General Information

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