O’Connor’s Federal Intellectual Property Codes Plus 2017-2018

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May 2017
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Book Features

Complete IP-practitioner resource containing the Trademark Act, Copyright Act, Patent Act, and Uniform Trade Secrets Act, all with extensive annotations. Also includes all the regulations for the USPTO and Copyright Office.

New Features for 2017

O’Connor’s Federal Intellectual Property Codes Plus is the only code book that still provides important changes to IP law through its case annotations, making it the only code book worth buying every year.

  • New case law affecting trademarks, copyrights, and patents.
  • Fully updated Title 37 CFR, as well as other materials such as IP-related U.S.C. sections, the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (including the new federal version of the UTSA), and helpful charts.

Table of Contents

Charts Uniform Trade Secrets Act vs. State Enactments Statutes Code of Federal Regulations Title 37. Patents, Trademarks, & Copyrights Copyright Act of 1909 Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy United States Code Title 2. The Congress Chapter 5. Library of Congress Chapter 27. Sound Recording Preservation by the Library of Congress Title 7. Agriculture Chapter 57. Plant Variety Protection Title 10. Armed Forces Chapter 134. Miscellaneous Administrative Provisions Title 11. Bankruptcy Chapter 3. Case Administration Title 15. Commerce & Trade Chapter 2. Federal Trade Commission; Promotion of Export Trade & Prevention of Unfair Methods of Competition Chapter 8. Falsely Stamped Gold or Silver or Goods Manufactured Therefrom Chapter 22. Trademarks Chapter 61. Soft Drink Interbrand Competition Chapter 63. Technology Innovation Chapter 107. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Title 17. Copyrights Chapter 1. Subject Matter & Scope of Copyright Chapter 2. Copyright Ownership & Transfer Chapter 3. Duration of Copyright Chapter 4. Copyright Notice, Deposit, & Registration Chapter 5. Copyright Infringement & Remedies Chapter 6. Importation & Exportation Chapter 7. Copyright Office Chapter 8. Proceedings by Copyright Royalty Judges Chapter 9. Protection of Semiconductor Chip Products Chapter 10. Digital Audio Recording Devices & Media Chapter 11. Sound Recordings & Music Videos Chapter 12. Copyright Protection & Management Systems Chapter 13. Protection of Original Designs Title 18. Crimes & Criminal Procedure Chapter 113. Stolen Property Title 19. Customs Duties Chapter 4. Tariff Act of 1930 Title 21. Food & Drugs Chapter 9. Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act Title 22. Foreign Relations & Intercourse Chapter 32. Foreign Assistance Title 26. Internal Revenue Code Chapter 1. Normal Taxes & Surtaxes Title 27. Intoxicating Liquors Chapter 8. Federal Alcohol Administration Act Title 28. Judiciary & Judicial Procedure Chapter 83. Courts of Appeals Chapter 85. District Courts; Jurisdiction Chapter 87. District Courts; Venue Chapter 89. District Courts; Removal of Cases from State Courts Chapter 91. United States Court of Federal Claims Chapter 113. Process Chapter 115. Evidence; Documentary Chapter 123. Fees & Costs Chapter 180. Assumption of Certain Contractual Obligations Title 35. Patents Chapter 1. Establishment, Officers & Employees, Functions Chapter 2. Proceedings in the Patent & Trademark Office Chapter 3. Practice Before Patent & Trademark Office Chapter 4. Patent Fees; Funding; Search Systems Chapter 10. Patentability of Inventions Chapter 11. Application for Patent Chapter 12. Examination of Application Chapter 13. Review of Patent & Trademark Office Decisions Chapter 14. Issue of Patent Chapter 15. Plant Patents Chapter 16. Designs Chapter 17. Secrecy of Certain Inventions & Filing Applications in Foreign Country Chapter 18. Patent Rights in Inventions Made with Federal Assistance Chapter 25. Amendment & Correction of Patents Chapter 26. Ownership & Assignment Chapter 27. Government Interests in Patents Chapter 28. Infringement of Patents Chapter 29. Remedies for Infringement of Patent, & Other Actions Chapter 30. Prior Art Citations to Office & Ex Parte Reexamination of Patents Chapter 31[A*]. Optional Inter Partes Reexamination Procedures Chapter 31[B*]. Inter Partes Review Chapter 32. Post-Grant Review Chapter 35. Definitions Chapter 36. International Stage Chapter 37. National Stage Chapter 38. International Design Applications Title 42. The Public Health & Welfare Chapter 85. Air Pollution Prevention & Control Title 44. Public Printing & Documents Chapter 21. National Archives & Records Administration Title 48. Territories & Insular Possessions Chapter 7. The Virgin Islands Chapter 8A. Guam Chapter 12. The Virgin Islands Uniform Trade Secrets Act Uniform Trade Secrets Act with 1985 Amendments

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