O’Connor’s Federal Rules * Civil Trials 2018

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February 2018
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by Michael C. Smith

Book Features

Expert commentary. Written and edited by experienced practitioners and backed by thousands of citations, the book’s ten commentary chapters explain the details of federal civil procedure step by step.

Annotated rules. The complete Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence annotated with key quotations from leading opinions.

Helpful extras. Handy charts that summarize complex information. Timetables for computing important deadlines. And much more.

New Features for 2018

This fully updated edition includes new content on the December 1 amendments to the FRCPs, FREs, and FRAPs. It has also been fully revised to reflect all the latest changes in the law. Highlights include:

  • New content based on the 2017 amendments to FRE 902, which added two new provisions for authenticating electronic evidence other than through the testimony of a foundation witness.
  • New content based on the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Town of Chester v. Laroe Estates, Inc., which discussed an intervenor as a matter of right and the requirement of standing.
  • New content based on the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Hamer v. Neighborhood Hous. Servs. of Chi., which discussed the difference between jurisdictional rules and nonjurisdictional claim-processing rules.
  • New content based on the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. v. Haeger, which identified that there must be a causal link between sanctionable misconduct and fees and costs to be paid to the harmed party.

Table of Contents

Charts Timetables Appeal of Civil Trial Discovery Status Sheet Motion to Court for Default Judgment Pleadings & Pretrial-Motions Schedule Pretrial Disclosures & Conferences Removal & Remand Request to Clerk for Default Judgment Summary Judgment Temporary Restraining Order & Injunction Commentaries 1.Introduction A.Introduction to Federal Rules B.Pleading & Motion Practice C.Filing Documents D.Serving Documents E.Hearings F.Making Objections & Preserving Error G.Court Rulings H.Subpoenas Under FRCP 45 I.The Attorney 2.Plaintiff’s Lawsuit A.General Considerations B.Plaintiff’s Complaint C.Interpleader D.Injunctive Relief E.Declaratory Judgment F.Choosing the Court—Jurisdiction G.Choosing the Court—Venue H.Serving the Defendant with Process 3.Defendant’s Responses & Pleadings A.Overview of Preanswer Motions & Responsive Pleadings B.Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction—FRCP 12(b)(2) C.Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Subject-Matter Jurisdiction—FRCP 12(b)(1) D.Motion to Dismiss for Improper Venue—FRCP 12(b)(3) E.Motion to Dismiss for Forum Non Conveniens—Challenging the U.S. Forum F.Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim—FRCP 12(b)(6) G.Motion to Dismiss for Insufficient Process or Service—FRCP 12(b)(4), (b)(5) H.Motion for More Definite Statement—FRCP 12(e) I.Motion to Dismiss for Failure to Join a Party Under FRCP 19—FRCP 12(b)(7) J.Motion to Dismiss for Failure to Plead Properly—FRCP 8, 9(b) K.Motion to Transfer Venue—28 U.S.C. §1404 L.The Answer—Denying Liability 4.Removal & Remand A.Defendant’s Notice of Removal B.Plaintiff’s Motion to Remand 5.Pretrial Motions A.Scheduling Order & Pretrial Conference B.Magistrate Judges & Special Masters C.Demand for Jury Trial D.Offer of Judgment E.Motion to Recuse F.Motion to Extend Time G.Motion for Continuance H.Motion in Limine I.Motion to Amend or Supplement Pleadings—Pretrial J.Motion to Intervene K.Motion to Consolidate L.Motion to Dismiss for Misjoinder M.Motion for Severance or Separate Trials N.Motion for Judicial Notice O.Motion to Exclude Expert Witness P.Motion for Sanctions Q.Motion for Class Certification 6.Discovery A.General Rules for Discovery B.Scope of Discovery C.Electronic Discovery D.Securing Discovery from Experts E.Mandatory Disclosures F.Depositions G.Interrogatories H.Requests for Admissions I.Requests for Production J.Physical & Mental Examinations of Persons K.Request for Entry on Land 7.Disposition Without Trial A.Default Judgment B.Summary Judgment C.Voluntary Dismissal D.Involuntary Dismissal E.Arbitration 8.The Trial A.Jury Selection B.Opening Statement C.Introducing Evidence D.Objecting to Evidence E.Offer of Proof F.Motion to Amend Pleadings—Trial & Post-trial G.Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law H.Motion to Reopen for Additional Evidence I.Jury Charge J.Closing Argument 9.The Judgment A.Entry of Judgment B.Motion for Entry of Judgment C.Motion for Attorney Fees D.Taxable Costs 10.Postjudgment Motions A.General B.Renewed Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law C.Motion for New Trial D.Motion to Alter or Amend Judgment E.Motion to Add or Amend Findings of Fact F.Motion for Relief from Judgment G.Motion to Extend Time to File Notice of Appeal H.Motion to Reopen Time for Appeal I.Motion to Correct Clerical Error in Judgment Rules Supplemental Rules for Admiralty or Maritime Claims & Asset Forfeiture Actions SUPPLEMENTAL RULES FOR ADMIRALTY OR MARITIME CLAIMS & ASSET FORFEITURE ACTIONS Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure Title I. Applicability of Rules Title II. Appeal from a Judgment or Order of a District Court Title III. Appeals from the United States Tax Court Title IV. Review or Enforcement of an Order of an Administrative Agency, Board, Commission, or Officer Title V. Extraordinary Writs Title VI. Habeas Corpus; Proceedings in Forma Pauperis Title VII. General Provisions Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Title I. Scope of Rules; Form of Action Title II. Commencing an Action; Service of Process, Pleadings, Motions, & Orders Title III. Pleadings & Motions Title IV. Parties Title V. Disclosures & Discovery Title VI. Trials Title VII. Judgment Title VIII. Provisional & Final Remedies Title IX. Special Proceedings Title X. District Courts & Clerks: Conducting Business; Issuing Orders Title XI. General Provisions Federal Rules of Evidence Article I. General Provisions Article II. Judicial Notice Article III. Presumptions in Civil Cases Article IV. Relevance & Its Limits Article V. Privileges Article VI. Witnesses Article VII. Opinions & Expert Testimony Article VIII. Hearsay Article IX. Authentication & Identification Article X. Contents of Writings, Recordings, & Photographs Article XI. Miscellaneous Rules Rules of Procedure of the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation RULES OF PROCEDURE OF THE UNITED STATES JUDICIAL PANEL ON MULTIDISTRICT LITIGATION (Effective, October 4, 2010, Amended July 6, 2011) (Housekeeping revision, October 4, 2016) Statutes Advisory Committee Notes FRCP NOTES FRE NOTES FRAP NOTES Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial & Extrajudicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters CONVENTION ON THE SERVICE ABROAD OF JUDICIAL & EXTRAJUDICIAL DOCUMENTS IN CIVIL OR COMMERCIAL MATTERS FRCP Forms United States Code Title 28. Judiciary & Judicial Procedure Chapter 1. Supreme Court Chapter 3. Courts of Appeals Chapter 5. District Courts Chapter 6. Bankruptcy Judges Chapter 7. United States Court of Federal Claims Chapter 9. Repealed Chapter 11. Court of International Trade Chapter 13. Assignment of Judges to Other Courts Chapter 15. Conferences & Councils of Judges Chapter 16. Complaints Against Judges & Judicial Discipline Chapter 17. Resignation & Retirement of Justices & Judges Chapter 19. Distribution of Reports & Digests Chapter 21. General Provisions Applicable to Courts & Judges Chapter 23. Civil Justice Expense & Delay Reduction Plans Chapter 31. The Attorney General Chapter 33. Federal Bureau of Investigation Chapter 35. United States Attorneys Chapter 37. United States Marshals Service Chapter 39. United States Trustees Chapter 40A. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives Chapter 41. Administrative Office of United States Courts Chapter 42. Federal Judicial Center Chapter 43. United States Magistrate Judges Chapter 44. Alternative Dispute Resolution Chapter 45. Supreme Court Chapter 47. Courts of Appeals Chapter 49. District Courts Chapter 50. [Omitted] Chapter 51. United States Court of Federal Claims Chapter 53. Repealed Chapter 55. Court of International Trade Chapter 57. General Provisions Applicable to Court Officers & Employees Chapter 58. United States Sentencing Commission Chapter 81. Supreme Court Chapter 83. Courts of Appeals Chapter 85. District Courts; Jurisdiction Chapter 87. District Courts; Venue Chapter 89. District Courts; Removal of Cases from State Courts Chapter 90. [Omitted] Chapter 91. United States Court of Federal Claims Chapter 93. Repealed Chapter 95. Court of International Trade Chapter 97. Jurisdictional Immunities of Foreign States Chapter 99. General Provisions Chapter 111. General Provisions Chapter 113. Process Chapter 114. Class Actions Chapter 115. Evidence; Documentary Chapter 117. Evidence; Depositions Chapter 119. Evidence; Witnesses Chapter 121. Juries; Trial by Jury Chapter 123. Fees & Costs Chapter 125. Pending Actions & Judgments Chapter 127. Executions & Judicial Sales Chapter 129. Moneys Paid into Court Chapter 131. Rules of Courts Chapter 133. Review—Miscellaneous Provisions Chapter 151. Declaratory Judgments Chapter 153. Habeas Corpus Chapter 154. Special Habeas Corpus Procedures in Capital Cases Chapter 155. Injunctions; Three-Judge Courts Chapter 157. Surface Transportation Board Orders; Enforcement & Review Chapter 158. Orders of Federal Agencies; Review Chapter 159. Interpleader Chapter 161. United States as Party Generally Chapter 163. Fines, Penalties & Forfeitures Chapter 165. United States Court of Federal Claims Procedure Chapter 167. Repealed Chapter 169. Court of International Trade Procedure Chapter 171. Tort Claims Procedure Chapter 173. Attachment in Postal Suits Chapter 175. Repealed Chapter 176. Federal Debt Collection Procedure Chapter 178. Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Chapter 179. Judicial Review of Certain Actions by Presidential Offices Chapter 180. Assumption of Certain Contractual Obligations Chapter 181. Foreign Judgments Chapter 190. Miscellaneous Title 42. The Public Health & Welfare Chapter 21. Civil Rights Title 50. War & National Defense Chapter 50. Servicemembers Civil Relief United States Constitution

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