O’Connor’s Texas Property Code Plus 2017-2018

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August 2017
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Book Features

The only Property Code book you need. O’Connor’s Texas Property Code Plus is a comprehensive Texas real-estate book including the entire Property Code and the most useful ancillary statutes, annotated with quotations from controlling cases.

New Features for 2017

Fully updated with:

  • Over 100 changes made by the 2017 Legislature.
  • Legislative summaries organized by subject matter.
  • Quick-reference chart identifying all amended and enacted sections.
  • New annotations from cutting-edge case law.

Table of Contents

Charts Attorney Fees in Property-Law Proceedings Condemnation Procedure Timetable Derivation Table Disposition Table Eviction Appeal by Sworn Statement Timetable Eviction Appeal Timetable Eviction Timetable Statutes of Limitations in Property-Law Proceedings Statutory Injunctions Chart Writ of Possession & Warehouseman's Lien Timetable Rules Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Part II. Rules of Practice in District & County Courts Part V. Rules of Practice in Justice Courts Part VI. Rules Relating to Ancillary Proceedings Part VII. Rules Relating to Special Proceedings Statutes Texas Business and Commerce Code Title 1. Uniform Commercial Code Title 2. Competition & Trade Practices Title 3. Insolvency, Fraudulent Transfers, & Fraud Title 4. Business Opportunities & Agreements Title 9. Applicability of Law to Commercial Transactions Title 12. Rights & Duties of Consumers & Merchants Texas Constitution Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code Title 2. Trial, Judgment, & Appeal Title 4. Liability in Tort Title 6. Miscellaneous Provisions Texas Estates Code Title 2. Estates of Decedents; Durable Powers of Attorney Texas Finance Code Title 3. Financial Institutions & Businesses Title 4. Regulation of Interest, Loans, & Financed Transactions Texas Government Code Title 4. Executive Branch Title 10. General Government Texas Health & Safety Code Title 9. Safety Texas Local Government Code Title 2. Organization of Municipal Government Title 7. Regulation of Land Use, Structures, Businesses, & Related Activities Title 8. Acquisition, Sale, or Lease of Property Texas Natural Resources Code Title 3. Oil & Gas Title 6. Timber Title 8. Acquisition of Resources Title 9. Heritage Title 12. Wetlands Texas Occupations Code Title 7. Practices & Professions Related to Real Property & Housing Texas Property Code Title 1. General Provisions Title 2. Conveyances Title 3. Public Records Title 4. Actions & Remedies Title 5. Exempt Property & Liens Title 6. Unclaimed Property Title 6A. Property Loaned to Museums Title 7. Condominiums Title 8. Landlord & Tenant Title 9. Trusts Title 10. Miscellaneous Beneficial Property Interests Title 11. Restrictive Covenants Title 12. Miscellaneous Shared Real Property Interests Title 13. Disclaimer of Property Interests Title 15. Fair Housing Practices Texas Tax Code Title 1. Property Tax Code Texas Title Examination Standards Preface Chapter I. Title Examiner Chapter II. Marketable Title Chapter III. Name Variances Chapter IV. Execution, Acknowledgment & Recordation Chapter V. Land Descriptions Chapter VI. Corporate Conveyances Chapter VII. Conveyances Involving Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Limited Liability Companies, & Unincorporated Associations Chapter VIII. Powers of Attorney Chapter IX. Conveyances Involving Trustees Chapter X. Capacity to Convey Chapter XI. Decedents' Estates Chapter XII. Bankruptcies Chapter XIII. Affidavits & Recitals Chapter XIV. Marital Interests Chapter XV. Liens & Lis Pendens Chapter XVI. Foreclosures Texas Transportation Code Title 6. Roadways United States Code Title 42. The Public Health & Welfare Chapter 45. Fair Housing Texas Water Code Title 2. Water Administration WebList Internet Guide

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