O’Connor’s Texas Business Organizations Code Plus 2017-2018

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October 2017
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Book Features

Everything you need for handling business formations in Texas. O’Connor’s Texas Business Organizations Code Plus is the complete guide to Texas business organizations—it includes the entire Business Organizations Code, selected Business & Commerce Code sections, the Texas Securities Act, and related statutes, all annotated with quotations from controlling cases.

New Features for 2017

O’Connor’s Texas Business Organizations Code Plus 2017-2018 includes recent amendments to key statutory provisions, such as:

  • Entity names
  • Service of process on LLCs
  • Enforceability of LLC and LP agreements
  • Examination of books and records
  • Public-benefit corporations
  • Ratification of corporate acts

The new edition also includes an updated TAC Title 7, Part 7 (governing securities), old versions of statutes that may still govern some litigation (such as the Texas Business Corporation Act), and cross-references to organizational forms that must be filed with the Texas Secretary of State.

Table of Contents

Charts Derivation Table Disposition Table—Business & Commerce Code Disposition Table—TBCA to Business Organizations Code Disposition Table—TLLCA to Business Organizations Code Disposition Table—TMCLA to Business Organizations Code Disposition Table—TNPCA to Business Organizations Code Disposition Table—TRLPA to Business Organizations Code Disposition Table—TRPA to Business Organizations Code Derivation Table—Business Organizations Code from TRCS & Other Sources Recommended Readings for Business-Organizations Practice SUMMARIES OF CERTAIN STATE SECURITIES BOARD STAFF NO-ACTION & INTERPRETATIVE LETTERS Statutes Texas Business Corporation Act Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Eight Part Nine Part Six Part Ten Part Eleven Part Twelve Part Thirteen Part Seven Texas Business and Commerce Code Title 1. Uniform Commercial Code Title 2. Competition & Trade Practices Title 3. Insolvency, Fraudulent Transfers & Fraud Title 4. Business Opportunities & Agreements Title 5. Regulation of Businesses & Services Title 9. Applicability of Law to Commercial Transactions Texas Business Organizations Code Title 1. General Provisions Title 2. Corporations Title 3. Limited Liability Companies Title 4. Partnerships Title 5. Real Estate Investment Trusts Title 6. Associations Title 7. Professional Entities Title 8. Miscellaneous & Transition Provisions Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code Title 2. Trial, Judgment, & Appeal Texas Administration Code Title 7. Banking & Securities Chapter 101. General Administration Chapter 103. Rulemaking Procedure Chapter 104. Procedure for Review of Applications Chapter 105. Rules of Practice in Contested Cases Chapter 106. Guidelines for the Assessment of Administrative Fines Chapter 107. Terminology Chapter 109. Transactions Exempt from Registration Chapter 111. Securities Exempt from Registration Chapter 113. Registration of Securities Chapter 114. Federal Covered Securities Chapter 115. Securities Dealers & Agents Chapter 116. Investment Advisers & Investment Adviser Representatives Chapter 123. Administrative Guidelines for Registration of Open-End Investment Companies Chapter 125. Minimum Disclosures in Church & Nonprofit Institution Bond Issues Chapter 127. Miscellaneous Chapter 131. Guidelines for Confidentiality of Information Chapter 133. Forms Chapter 135. Industrial Development Corporations & Authorities Chapter 137. Administrative Guidelines for Regulation of Offers Chapter 139. Exemptions by Rule or Order Texas Revised Civil Statutes Art. 6132a-1. Texas Revised Limited Partnership Act Title 19—Blue Sky Law—Securities Title 32—Corporations WebList Internet Guide General Information State Information Federal Information

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