O’Connor’s Texas Causes of Action 2018

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March 2018
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by Michol O'Connor

Book Features

Expert commentary. Written and edited by experienced practitioners and backed by thousands of citations, the book explains the elements for dozens of legal claims and defenses.

Broad scope. Coverage of elements, remedies (including damages, interest, court costs, and attorney fees), defenses, limitations periods, related causes of action, and more.

Helpful extras. Handy charts that summarize complex information. Practice tips and caution notes that identify danger areas and offer real-world guidance. And much more.

New Features for 2018

O’Connor’s Texas Causes of Action 2018 has been updated with analysis of all relevant 2017 legislation and Texas Supreme Court opinions, including new DTPA laundry-list violations and tie-in statutes, changes in insurance law relating to forces of nature, tortious interference with at-will employment contracts, the increasing scope of the Texas Citizens Participation Act, and much more.

Table of Contents

Commentaries 2.Abuse of Process 3.Animal Actions A.Negligent Handling of Animals B.Dangerous Domesticated Animals C.Wild Animals 4.Assault A.Infliction of Bodily Injury B.Offensive Physical Contact C.Threat of Bodily Injury 5.Contract Actions A.General Concepts B.Breach of Contract C.Quantum Meruit D.Promissory Estoppel as a Claim E.Suit on Sworn Account F.Money Had & Received G.Tortious Interference with Existing Contract H.Tortious Interference with Prospective Relations I.Covenants Not to Compete—Employment Contracts 6.Conversion 7.Death Actions A.Survival B.Wrongful Death 8.Deceptive Trade Practices Act 9.Dram-Shop Liability A.Providing Alcohol to Intoxicated Adult B.Providing Alcohol to Minor 10.False Imprisonment 11.Fiduciary Duty 12.Fraud A.Common-Law Fraud B.Fraud by Nondisclosure C.Statutory Fraud 13.Insurance Actions A.General Concepts B.Bad Faith C.Deceptive Insurance Practices D.Late Payment of Claims E.Stowers Doctrine F.Duty to Defend 14.Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress 15.Invasion of Privacy A.Intrusion on Seclusion B.Public Disclosure of Private Facts C.Appropriation of Name or Likeness 16.Landlord-Tenant Actions A.General Concepts B.Forcible Detainer—Eviction C.Reentry D.Unlawful Lockout E.Unlawful Interruption of Utility Service F.Failure to Repair or Remedy G.Retaliation H.Constructive Eviction 17.Legal Malpractice 18.Libel & Slander Actions A.Defamation B.Business Disparagement C.Slander of Title 19.Malicious Prosecution A.Malicious Criminal Prosecution B.Malicious Civil Prosecution 20.Medical Malpractice A.Medical Negligence Under the Medical Liability Act B.Informed Consent C.Negligence by a Managed-Care Entity 21.Negligence Actions A.Negligence B.Negligence Per Se C.Negligent Entrustment of a Motor Vehicle D.Negligent Hiring E.Negligent Misrepresentation 22.Nuisance Actions A.Private Nuisance B.Public Nuisance 23.Premises Liability A.General Concepts B.Liability to Invitees C.Liability to Licensees D.Liability to Trespassers E.Liability Under the Attractive-Nuisance Doctrine F.Liability Under the Recreational Use Statute 24.Suits Against the Government A.The Doctrines of Sovereign & Governmental Immunity B.Breach of Contract C.Discharge of Public-Employee Whistleblower 25.Texas Tort Claims Act—Negligence A.General Concepts B.Injury by Motor Vehicle or Equipment C.Injury by Use or Condition of Personal Property D.Injury by Inmate’s Negligence 26.Texas Tort Claims Act—Premises Liability A.Introduction to TTCA Premises Claims B.Injury by Premises Defect C.Injury by Special Defect D.Injury by Traffic-Control Device E.Injury After Payment for Use of Premises F.Injury While Engaged in Recreation 27.Theft Liability Act A.General Concepts B.Theft of Property C.Theft of Service 28.Trade-Secret Misappropriation A.Statutory Misappropriation B.Common-Law Misappropriation 29.Trespass to Real Property 30.Unfair Debt Collection A.Unfair Collection Practices B.Late Provision of Credit-File Information C.Deceptive Use of Credit-Bureau Name 31.Usury 32.Warranty Actions A.General Concepts B.UCC: Express Warranty for Goods C.UCC: Implied Warranty of Merchantability D.UCC: Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose E.UCC: Implied Warranty of Title F.UCC: Implied Warranty Against Infringement G.Common Law: Express Warranty for Services H.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Good & Workmanlike Services—Repair & Modification I.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Good & Workmanlike Services—Home Construction J.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Habitability K.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Suitability 33.Wiretap Actions A.Texas Criminal Wiretap Act B.Texas Civil Wiretap Act 34.Wrongful-Discharge Claims A.Employment at Will & Its Exceptions B.Discharge in Breach of Employment Contract C.Workers’ Compensation Retaliation D.Discharge for Refusing to Commit Illegal Act 35.Other Theories of Liability A.Additional Causes of Action B.Causes of Action Not Recognized in Texas 36.Aiding & Abetting A.Assisting or Encouraging B.Assisting & Participating C.Concert of Action 37.Conspiracy 38.Principal-Agent Liability A.Actual Authority B.Apparent Authority C.Respondeat Superior D.Ratification E.Nondelegable Duty F.Piercing the Corporate Veil G.Vice-Principal 39.Partnership Liability A.Partnership B.Joint Enterprise 40.Family Liability A.Spousal Liability B.Parent-Child Liability 41.Damages A.General Concepts B.Personal-Injury Damages C.Personal-Property Damages D.Real-Property Damages E.Contractual Damages F.Business Damages 42.Exemplary Damages A.General Concepts B.Exemplary Damages Under the Damages Act 43.Interest 44.Court Costs 45.Attorney Fees A.General Concepts B.Attorney Fees Under CPRC ch. 38 C.Attorney Fees Under Written Contract D.Attorney Fees Under Equity 46.Government-Employee Immunities A.Official Immunity B.Legislative Immunity C.Judicial Immunity 47.Statutory Immunity 48.Parental Immunity 49.Estoppel Defenses A.Overview of Estoppel B.Equitable Estoppel C.Promissory Estoppel as a Defense D.Quasi-Estoppel 50.Statute of Frauds 51.Proportionate Responsibility & Contribution 52.Limitations

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