O’Connor’s Texas Causes of Action Pleadings 2017

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May 2017
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by Michol O'Connor

Book Features

O’Connor’s Texas Causes of Action Pleadings is the perfect companion to the extensive commentary in O’Connor’s Texas Causes of Action. The book contains nearly 200 petitions and answers corresponding to each Causes of Action chapter, from Abuse of Process to Wrongful Discharge, all updated to reflect 2016 case law.

With your book purchase, you also get online access to the forms. These forms will be accessible until the next edition of the book is released.

New Features for 2017

The 2017 edition features:

  • Updated forms incorporating recent rulings from the Texas Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals.
  • Sample demand and notice letters.
  • General forms for designating defendants, challenging jurisdiction, alleging venue, and asserting verified pleas.
  • Supplemental forms for petitions to allege participatory and vicarious liability and to assert damages that must be specifically pleaded.
  • Supplemental forms for answers to assert immunity, estoppel, and proportionate-responsibility defenses.
  • Related causes of action in each petition to help you brainstorm additional and alternative claims.
  • A concise, user-friendly format that allows you to accurately and efficiently draft petitions and answers.
  • Cross-references to other O’Connor’s books throughout the forms to make researching the law easier.

Table of Contents

Forms 1General Pleadings Forms 1:1.Plaintiff’s Petition – General Form 1:2.Civil-Case-Information Sheet 1:3.Justice-Court Civil-Case-Information Sheet 1:4.Defendant’s Answer – General Form 1:5.Style of the Case in the Trial Court 1:6.Parties – Plaintiff 1:7.Parties – Defendant, Resident Individual 1:8.Parties – Defendant, Resident Corporation 1:9.Parties – Defendant, Resident Partnership or Association 1:10.Parties – Defendant, Resident Insurer 1:11.Parties – Defendant, Nonresident Individual 1:12.Parties – Defendant, Nonresident Corporation 1:13.Parties – Defendant, Nonresident Partnership or Association 1:14.Parties – Defendant, Nonresident Joint-Stock Company 1:15.Parties – Defendant, Nonresident Insurer 1:16.Parties – Defendant, Governmental Unit 1:17.Parties – Defendant, Governmental Unit in TTCA Suit 1:18.Jurisdiction Allegations 1:19.Venue Allegations 1:20.Verified Pleas 1:21.Affirmative Defenses 1:22.Signature Block 1:23.Verification of Pleading 1:24.Verification by Unsworn Declaration 1:25.Affidavit 1:26.Affidavit for Attorney Fees 1:27.Certificate of Service 1:28.Notice of Party’s Current/Change of Address 2Abuse of Process 2:1.Abuse of Process – Petition 2:2.Abuse of Process – Answer 3Animal Actions 3A:1.Negligent Handling of Animals – Petition 3A:2.Negligent Handling of Animals – Answer 3B:1.Dangerous Domesticated Animals – Petition 3B:2.Dangerous Domesticated Animals – Answer 3C:1.Wild Animals – Petition 3C:2.Wild Animals – Answer 4Assault 4A:1.Infliction of Bodily Injury – Petition 4A:2.Infliction of Bodily Injury – Answer 4B:1.Offensive Physical Contact – Petition 4B:2.Offensive Physical Contact – Answer 4C:1.Threat of Bodily Injury – Petition 4C:2.Threat of Bodily Injury – Answer 5Contract Actions 5B:1.Breach of Contract – Notice 5B:2.Breach of Contract – Petition 5B:3.Breach of Contract – Answer 5C:1.Quantum Meruit – Petition 5C:2.Quantum Meruit – Answer 5D:1.Promissory Estoppel as a Claim – Petition 5D:2.Promissory Estoppel as a Claim – Answer 5E:1.Suit on Sworn Account – Petition 5E:2.Suit on Sworn Account – Plaintiff’s Affidavit 5E:3.Suit on Sworn Account – Answer 5E:4.Suit on Sworn Account – Defendant’s Affidavit 5F:1.Money Had & Received – Petition 5F:2.Money Had & Received – Answer 5G:1.Tortious Interference with Existing Contract – Petition 5G:2.Tortious Interference with Existing Contract – Answer 5H:1.Tortious Interference with Prospective Relations – Petition 5H:2.Tortious Interference with Prospective Relations – Answer 5I:1.Covenants Not to Compete—Employment Contracts – Petition 5I:2.Covenants Not to Compete—Employment Contracts – Answer 6Conversion 6:1.Conversion – Petition 6:2.Conversion – Answer 7Death Actions 7A:1.Survival – Petition 7A:2.Survival – Answer 7B:1.Wrongful Death – Petition 7B:2.Wrongful Death – Answer 8Deceptive Trade Practices Act 8:1.DTPA – Notice 8:2.DTPA – Request for Inspection 8:3.DTPA – Offer of Settlement 8:4.DTPA – Counteroffer of Settlement 8:5.DTPA – Rejection of Settlement Offer 8:6.DTPA – Affidavit Certifying Rejection of Settlement Offer 8:7.DTPA – Petition 8:8.DTPA – Answer 9Dram-Shop Liability 9A:1.Dram Shop—Providing Alcohol to Intoxicated Adult – Petition 9A:2.Dram Shop—Providing Alcohol to Intoxicated Adult – Answer 9B:1.Dram Shop—Providing Alcohol to Minor – Petition 9B:2.Dram Shop—Providing Alcohol to Minor – Answer 10False Imprisonment 10:1.False Imprisonment – Petition 10:2.False Imprisonment – Answer 11Fiduciary Duty 11:1.Breach of Fiduciary Duty – Petition 11:2.Breach of Fiduciary Duty – Answer 12Fraud 12A:1.Common-Law Fraud – Petition 12A:2.Common-Law Fraud – Answer 12B:1.Fraud by Nondisclosure – Petition 12B:2.Fraud by Nondisclosure – Answer 12C:1.Statutory Fraud – Petition 12C:2.Statutory Fraud – Answer 13Insurance Actions 13B:1.Bad Faith – Petition 13B:2.Bad Faith – Answer 13C:1.Deceptive Insurance Practices – Notice 13C:2.Deceptive Insurance Practices – Petition 13C:3.Deceptive Insurance Practices – Answer 13D:1.Late Payment of Claims – Petition 13D:2.Late Payment of Claims – Answer 13E:1.Stowers Doctrine – Insured’s Notice of Settlement Offer 13E:2.Stowers Doctrine – Petition 13E:3.Stowers Doctrine – Answer 13F:1.Duty to Defend – Insured’s Petition 13F:2.Duty to Defend – Insurer’s Answer 13F:3.Duty to Defend – Insurer’s Petition 13F:4.Duty to Defend – Insured’s Answer 14Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress 14:1.Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress – Petition 14:2.Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress – Answer 15Invasion of Privacy 15A:1.Intrusion on Seclusion – Petition 15A:2.Intrusion on Seclusion – Answer 15B:1.Public Disclosure of Private Facts – Petition 15B:2.Public Disclosure of Private Facts – Answer 15C:1.Appropriation of Name or Likeness – Petition 15C:2.Appropriation of Name or Likeness – Answer 16Landlord-Tenant Actions 16B:1.Forcible Detainer—Eviction – Landlord’s Notice to Vacate 16B:2.Forcible Detainer—Eviction – Petition 16B:3.Forcible Detainer—Eviction – Affidavit of Military Status 16B:4.Forcible Detainer—Eviction – Answer 16C:1 & 16D:1.Reentry & Unlawful Lockout – Petition 16C:2 & 16D:2.Reentry & Unlawful Lockout – Answer 16E:1.Unlawful Interruption of Utility Service – Petition 16E:2.Unlawful Interruption of Utility Service – Answer 16F:1.Failure to Repair or Remedy – Justice-Court Petition 16F:2.Failure to Repair or Remedy – Petition 16F:3.Failure to Repair or Remedy – Answer 16G:1.Retaliation – Petition 16G:2.Retaliation – Answer 16H:1.Constructive Eviction – Petition 16H:2.Constructive Eviction – Answer 17Legal Malpractice 17:1.Legal Malpractice – Petition 17:2.Legal Malpractice – Answer 18Libel & Slander Actions 18A:1.Defamation – Notice 18A:2.Defamation—Private Plaintiff – Petition 18A:3.Defamation—Public Plaintiff – Petition 18A:4.Defamation—Private or Public Plaintiff – Answer 18B:1.Business Disparagement – Petition 18B:2.Business Disparagement – Answer 18C:1.Slander of Title – Petition 18C:2.Slander of Title – Answer 19Malicious Prosecution 19A:1.Malicious Criminal Prosecution – Petition 19A:2.Malicious Criminal Prosecution – Answer 19B:1.Malicious Civil Prosecution – Petition 19B:2.Malicious Civil Prosecution – Answer 20Medical Malpractice 20A:1.Medical Negligence Under CPRC ch. 74 – Notice 20A:2.Medical Negligence Under CPRC ch. 74 – Authorization Form 20A:3.Medical Negligence Under CPRC ch. 74 – Petition 20A:4.Medical Negligence Under CPRC ch. 74 – Answer 20B:1.Informed Consent – Notice 20B:2.Informed Consent – Petition 20B:3.Informed Consent – Answer 20C:1.Negligence by a Managed-Care Entity – Notice 20C:2.Negligence by a Managed-Care Entity – Petition 20C:3.Negligence by a Managed-Care Entity – Answer 21Negligence Actions 21A:1.Negligence – Petition 21A:2.Negligence – Answer 21A:3.Auto Accident – Petition 21A:4.Auto Accident – Answer 21B:1.Negligence Per Se – Petition 21B:2.Negligence Per Se – Answer 21C:1.Negligent Entrustment of a Motor Vehicle – Petition 21C:2.Negligent Entrustment of a Motor Vehicle – Answer 21D:1.Negligent Hiring – Petition 21D:2.Negligent Hiring – Answer 21E:1.Negligent Misrepresentation – Petition 21E:2.Negligent Misrepresentation – Answer 22Nuisance Actions 22A:1.Private Nuisance – Petition 22A:2.Private Nuisance – Answer 22B:1.Public Nuisance – Petition 22B:2.Public Nuisance – Answer 23Premises Liability 23B:1.Liability to Invitees – Petition 23B:2.Liability to Invitees – Answer 23C:1.Liability to Licensees – Petition 23C:2.Liability to Licensees – Answer 23D:1.Liability to Trespassers – Petition 23D:2.Liability to Trespassers – Answer 23E:1.Liability Under the Attractive-Nuisance Doctrine – Petition 23E:2.Liability Under the Attractive-Nuisance Doctrine – Answer 23F:1.Liability Under the Recreational Use Statute – Petition 23F:2.Liability Under the Recreational Use Statute – Answer 24Suits Against the Government 24B:1.Breach of Contract – Notice 24B:2.Breach of Contract – Petition 24B:3.Breach of Contract – Answer 24C:1.Discharge of Public-Employee Whistleblower – Notice 24C:2.Discharge of Public-Employee Whistleblower – Petition 24C:3.Discharge of Public-Employee Whistleblower – Answer 25Texas Tort Claims Act—Negligence 25A:1.TTCA—Most Governmental Units – Notice 25A:2.TTCA—City – Notice 25B:1.Injury by Motor Vehicle or Equipment – Petition 25B:2.Injury by Motor Vehicle or Equipment – Answer 25C:1.Injury by Use or Condition of Personal Property – Petition 25C:2.Injury by Use or Condition of Personal Property – Answer 25D:1.Injury by Inmate’s Negligence – Petition 25D:2.Injury by Inmate’s Negligence – Answer 26Texas Tort Claims Act—Premises Liability 26B:1.Injury by Premises Defect – Petition 26B:2.Injury by Premises Defect – Answer 26C:1.Injury by Special Defect – Petition 26C:2.Injury by Special Defect – Answer 26D:1.Injury by Traffic-Control Device – Petition 26D:2.Injury by Traffic-Control Device – Answer 26E:1.Injury After Payment for Use of Premises – Petition 26E:2.Injury After Payment for Use of Premises – Answer 26F:1.Injury While Engaged in Recreation – Petition 26F:2.Injury While Engaged in Recreation – Answer 27Theft Liability Act 27B:1.Theft of Property – Petition 27B:2.Theft of Property – Answer 27C:1.Theft of Service – Petition 27C:2.Theft of Service – Answer 28Trade-Secret Misappropriation 28A:1.Statutory Misappropriation – Petition 28A:2.Statutory Misappropriation – Answer 28B:1.Common-Law Misappropriation – Petition 28B:2.Common-Law Misappropriation – Answer 29Trespass to Real Property 29:1.Trespass to Real Property – Petition 29:2.Trespass to Real Property – Answer 30Unfair Debt Collection 30A:1.Unfair Collection Practices – Petition 30A:2.Unfair Collection Practices – Answer 30B:1.Late Provision of Credit-File Information – Petition 30B:2.Late Provision of Credit-File Information – Answer 30C:1.Deceptive Use of Credit-Bureau Name – Petition 30C:2.Deceptive Use of Credit-Bureau Name – Answer 31Usury 31:1.Usury – Petition 31:2.Usury – Answer 32Warranty Actions 32B:1.UCC: Express Warranty for Goods – Notice 32B:2.UCC: Express Warranty for Goods – Petition 32B:3.UCC: Express Warranty for Goods – Answer 32C:1.UCC: Implied Warranty of Merchantability – Notice 32C:2.UCC: Implied Warranty of Merchantability – Petition 32C:3.UCC: Implied Warranty of Merchantability – Answer 32D:1.UCC: Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose – Notice 32D:2.UCC: Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose – Petition 32D:3.UCC: Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose – Answer 32E:1.UCC: Implied Warranty of Title – Notice 32E:2.UCC: Implied Warranty of Title – Petition 32E:3.UCC: Implied Warranty of Title – Answer 32F:1.UCC: Implied Warranty Against Infringement – Notice 32F:2.UCC: Implied Warranty Against Infringement – Petition 32F:3.UCC: Implied Warranty Against Infringement – Answer 32G:1.Common Law: Express Warranty for Services – Petition 32G:2.Common Law: Express Warranty for Services – Answer 32H:1.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Repair & Modification – Petition 32H:2.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Repair & Modification – Answer 32I:1.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Home Construction – Petition 32I:2.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Home Construction – Answer 32J:1.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Habitability – Petition 32J:2.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Habitability – Answer 32K:1.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Suitability – Petition 32K:2.Common Law: Implied Warranty of Suitability – Answer 33Wiretap Actions 33A:1.Texas Criminal Wiretap Act – Petition 33A:2.Texas Criminal Wiretap Act – Answer 33B:1.Texas Civil Wiretap Act – Petition 33B:2.Texas Civil Wiretap Act – Answer 34Wrongful-Discharge Claims 34B:1.Discharge in Breach of Employment Contract – Petition 34B:2.Discharge in Breach of Employment Contract – Answer 34C:1.Workers’ Compensation Retaliation – Petition 34C:2.Workers’ Compensation Retaliation – Answer 34D:1.Discharge for Refusing to Commit Illegal Act – Petition 34D:2.Discharge for Refusing to Commit Illegal Act – Answer 36Aiding & Abetting 36A:1.Assisting or Encouraging 36B:1.Assisting & Participating 36C:1.Concert of Action 37Conspiracy 37:1.Conspiracy 38Principal-Agent Liability 38A:1.Actual Authority 38B:1.Apparent Authority 38C:1.Respondeat Superior 38D:1.Ratification 38E:1.Nondelegable Duty 38F:1.Piercing the Corporate Veil 38G:1.Vice-Principal 39Partnership Liability 39A:1.Partnership 39B:1.Joint Enterprise 40Family Liability 40A:1.Spousal Liability 40B:1.Parent-Child Liability 41Damages 41B:1.Damages – Personal Injury 41C:1.Damages – Personal Property 41D:1.Damages – Real Property 41E:1.Damages – Contractual 41F:1.Damages – Business 42Exemplary Damages 42B:1.General 42B:2.Vicarious Liability for Noncriminal Acts 42B:3.Vicarious Liability for Criminal Acts of Employee 42B:4.Vicarious Liability for Criminal Acts 42B:5.Vicarious Liability for Criminal Acts of Agent 42B:6.Vicarious Liability of a Corporation or Association 42B:7.Vicarious Liability for Violations of Texas Property Code 42B:8.Vicarious Liability for Maintaining a Common Nuisance 43Interest 43:1.Interest 44Court Costs 44:1.Court Costs 45Attorney Fees 45B:1.Attorney Fees Under CPRC ch. 38 – Notice 45B:2.Attorney Fees Under CPRC ch. 38 45C:1.Attorney Fees Under Written Contract 45D:1.Attorney Fees Under Equity 46Government-Employee Immunities 46A:1.Official Immunity 46B:1.Legislative Immunity 46C:1.Judicial Immunity 47Statutory Immunity 47:1.Statutory Immunity 48Parental Immunity 48:1.Parental Immunity 49Estoppel Defenses 49B:1.Equitable Estoppel 49C:1.Promissory Estoppel as a Defense 49D:1.Quasi-Estoppel 50Statute of Frauds 50:1.Statute of Frauds 51Proportionate Responsibility & Contribution 51:1.Proportionate Responsibility – General 51:2.Proportionate Responsibility – Settling Defendant 51:3.Proportionate Responsibility – Unknown Criminal 52Limitations 52:1.Limitations

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