O’Connor’s Texas Crimes & Consequences 2016-2017

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September 2016
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by T.B. Todd Dupont II

Book Features

A compilation of easy-to-use charts summarizing critical areas of Texas criminal law. Packed with almost 100 detailed charts, O’Connor’s Texas Crimes & Consequences is the ultimate quick-reference guide for busy attorneys, judges, law-enforcement officers, and more.

New Features for 2016

This year’s edition includes three brand-new charts on the preservation of error and court costs:

  • Voir Dire—Proper Examination Issues. This chart lists issues that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has ruled a defendant can ask the venire about in jury selection.
  • Voir Dire—Commitment Questions. This chart lists commitment questions that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has ruled either proper or improper.
  • Statutorily Mandated Court Costs for Felony Conviction. This chart lists various court costs for which a defendant convicted of a felony is liable under the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Local Government Code.

It also has updated citations to the Texas Legislature’s recodification of Code of Criminal Procedure article 42.12 (concerning community supervision) to new Code of Criminal Procedure chapter 42A, effective January 1, 2017.

Table of Contents

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