O’Connor’s Texas Employment Codes Plus 2016-2017

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November 2016
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by Jeffrey Londa

Book Features

Essential annotations. Jump-start your research with key quotations from leading court opinions (not just string cites) handpicked by expert practitioners.

Tracked legislation. See all the latest enactments and amendments at a glance with underlined/strikethrough text, transition notes, and buttons in the margins.

Helpful extras. Handy charts that summarize complex information. Editor’s notes that clarify legislative subtleties. And much more.

New Features for 2016

  • The complete Texas Labor Code, fully updated to include 2015 legislation, with cross-references to administrative regulations and forms, helpful websites, and Division of Workers’ Compensation decisions.
  • Plus Codes—other carefully selected codes, statutes, and constitutional provisions related to employment law.
  • New annotations from the most recent Texas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals employment-law opinions, on topics such as arbitration, discrimination, free speech, retaliation, unemployment benefits, and workers’ compensation.
  • Employment-law regulations from the Texas Workforce Commission and the Division of Workers’ Compensation, updated through September 2016.
  • Charts and timetables summarizing key employment laws and deadlines, including two new charts: a compilation of recent cases analyzing and applying the definition of “appropriate law-enforcement authorities” under the Whistleblower Protection Act, and a list of cases on the reasonableness of geographic restrictions in covenants not to compete.

Table of Contents

Charts Employment Status—A Comparative Approach Geographic Limitations Chart Statutes of Limitations Chart Statutory Attorney Fees Chart Summary Chart of Texas Employment Laws Summary of Access to Criminal-History-Record Information Summary of Texas Antiretaliation Statutes TWC Discrimination Complaint Flowchart TWC Discrimination Complaint Timetable Unemployment-Compensation Claim Timetable Wage Claim Timetable Whistleblower—Appropriate Law-Enforcement Authority Chart Workers' Compensation Claim Timetable Statutes Texas Agriculture Code Title 5. Production, Processing, & Sale of Horticultural Products Texas Business and Commerce Code Title 2. Competition & Trade Practices Texas Constitution Article 1 Article 16 Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code Title 3. Extraordinary Remedies Title 4. Liability in Tort Title 6. Miscellaneous Provisions Title 7. Alternate Methods of Dispute Resolution Texas Education Code Title 2. Public Education Title 3. Higher Education Texas Election Code Title 10. Political Parties Title 15. Regulating Political Funds & Campaigns Title 16. Miscellaneous Provisions Texas Family Code Title 1. The Marriage Relationship Title 5. The Parent-Child Relationship & the Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship Texas Government Code Title 4. Executive Branch Title 5. Open Government; Ethics Title 6. Public Officers & Employees Title 10. General Government Texas Health & Safety Code Title 2. Health Title 4. Health Facilities Title 6. Food, Drugs, Alcohol, & Hazardous Substances Title 7. Mental Health & Intellectual Disability Texas Human Resources Code Title 2. Human Services & Protective Services in General Texas Insurance Code Title 8. Health Insurance & Other Health Coverages Texas Labor Code Title 1. General Provisions Title 2. Protection of Laborers Title 3. Employer-Employee Relations Title 4. Employment Services & Unemployment Title 5. Workers’ Compensation Texas Local Government Code Title 5. Matters Affecting Public Officers & Employees Title 8. Acquisition, Sale, or Lease of Property Texas Occupations Code Title 3. Health Professions Title 15. Occupations Related to Employment Texas Penal Code Title 4. Inchoate Offenses Title 8. Offenses Against Public Administration Texas Property Code Title 5. Exempt Property & Liens Texas Administration Code Title 28. Insurance Chapter 10. Workers’ Compensation Health Care Networks Chapter 49. Procedures for Formal Hearings by the Board Chapter 102. Practices & Procedures—General Provisions Chapter 110. Required Notices of Coverage Chapter 112. Scope of Liability for Compensation Chapter 114. Self-Insurance Chapter 120. Compensation Procedure—Employers Chapter 122. Compensation Procedure—Claimants Chapter 131. Benefits—Lifetime Income Benefits Chapter 140. Dispute Resolution—General Provisions Chapter 141. Dispute Resolution—Benefit Review Conference Chapter 142. Dispute Resolution—Benefit Contested Case Hearing Chapter 143. Dispute Resolution—Review by the Appeals Panel Chapter 144. Dispute Resolution Chapter 147. Dispute Resolution—Agreements, Settlements, Commutations Chapter 148. Hearings Conducted by the State Office of Administrative Hearings Chapter 152. Attorneys’ Fees Chapter 160. Reports of Injury & Occupational Disease— General Provisions Chapter 180. Monitoring & Enforcement Title 40. Social Services & Assistance Chapter 800. General Administration Chapter 801. Local Workforce Development Boards Chapter 802. Integrity of the Texas Workforce System Chapter 815. Unemployment Insurance Chapter 817. Child Labor Chapter 819. Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division Chapter 821. Texas Payday Rules Chapter 823. Integrated Complaints, Hearings, & Appeals Chapter 841. Workforce Investment Act Texas Transportation Code Title 6. Roadways Texas Revised Civil Statutes Title 83. Labor WebList Internet Guide

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