O’Connor’s Texas Family Law Handbook 2017

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December 2016
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Book Features

Expert commentary.  Written in plain English, each chapter provides expert analysis of the procedural and substantive requirements for handling almost all family-law matters. This includes the analysis of all relevant case law, statutes, procedural rules, and secondary sources. With over 8,000 case citations alone, the Family Law Handbook gives you the complete and up-to-date explanation of how family-law practice works.  

Broad scope. Whether you’re filing a suit for conservatorship, modifying a possession order, or enforcing a child-support order, the Family Law Handbook will explain each unique family-law process and provide you with the critical analysis you need to practice family law. Check out our Table of Contents!

Time-saving format. The Family Law Handbook is organized by the kind of suit you’re handling, and each chapter provides a chronological outline format, with bold headings, that is incredibly easy to follow. You will also find margin tabs for each subchapter, so you can find what you need fast.   

Helpful extras. In addition to the thorough legal analysis provided by the Family Law Handbook, there is so much more to benefit from. In the book, you will find tables that summarize complex information; flow charts that step you through difficult family-law processes; detailed examples that apply specific legal concepts; and practice tips and caution notes that highlight critical areas of law and offer practical guidance for avoiding costly mistakes.

New Features for 2017

The 2017 edition of O'Connor's Texas Family Law Handbook has been updated with the most current case law, statutes, and rules. The book also includes several recent Texas Supreme Court decisions and many new appellate-court decisions—all focused on important family-law issues.

Table of Contents

Commentaries 1.The Family Relationship A.The Marriage Relationship B.The Parent-Child Relationship C.Family Rights & Duties D.Family Liability E.Medical Treatment of Child F.Petition for Name Change G.Reporting Family Violence, Child Abuse, Neglect, or History of Child Abuse 2.Marital Property A.Characterizing Marital Property B.Management Rights over Marital Property C.Liability of Marital Property D.Premarital & Postmarital Agreements E.Homestead Property 3.Suits to Dissolve Marriage Without Children A.Suit for Divorce B.Suit for Annulment C.Suit to Declare Marriage Void D.Spousal Maintenance 4.Original Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship A.Choosing the Court B.Challenging the Court C.Court Appointments in SAPCRs D.Suit to Dissolve Marriage with Children E.Suit for Conservatorship F.Suit for Child Support G.Suit to Adjudicate Parentage H.Suit for Termination I.Suit for Sibling Access J.Suit for Grandparent Possession or Access 5.Temporary Relief A.General Concepts B.Temporary Restraining Orders C.Temporary Injunctions D.Temporary Orders 6.Protective Orders A.General Concepts B.Temporary Ex Parte Protective Orders C.Final Protective Orders D.Magistrate’s Order for Emergency Protection E.Duties of Law Enforcement 7.Dividing & Confirming Marital Property A.General Concepts B.Dividing & Confirming Real Property C.Dividing & Confirming Personal Property D.Dividing & Confirming Liabilities E.Dividing & Confirming Qualified Private Retirement Benefits F.Reimbursement Claims 8.Postdissolution Partition of Community Property A.Postdissolution Partition—Family Code B.Postdissolution Partition—Property Code 9.Modification A.Suit to Modify Conservatorship, Possession, or Access B.Suit to Modify Possession, Access, or Support During Military Duty C.Suit to Modify Possession or Access After Military Duty D.Suit to Modify Child Support 10.Enforcing Child-Support Orders A.Motion to Enforce Child-Support Order by Contempt B.Motion to Clarify Child-Support Order C.Motion to Reduce Child-Support Arrearages to Judgment D.Wage Withholding—Issuing Suspended Orders & Obtaining Judicial & Administrative Writs E.Child-Support Liens F.Levying on Financial Institutions G.Petition to Suspend License for Child Support 11.Enforcing Orders of Possession or Access A.Motion to Enforce Order of Possession or Access by Contempt B.Motion to Clarify Order of Possession or Access C.Motion to Enforce by Additional Periods of Possession or Access D.Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus—Return of Child E.Petition for Interference with Possessory Interest in Child F.Petition to Suspend License for Possession or Access

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