O’Connor’s Texas Oil & Gas 2017

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February 2017
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Book Features

Comprehensive coverage. Over 1,500 pages of statutes and regulations covering the diverse practice of oil and gas law, all in one volume.

Essential annotations. Jump-start your research with key quotations from leading court opinions (not just string cites) handpicked by expert practitioners.

Helpful extras. Examiners’ Opinions from the Railroad Commission for interpretative guidance. Public comments and Commission responses to new and amended regulations. And much more.

New Features for 2017

  • Contains all the enactments and amendments from the 84th Legislature and updated Texas Administrative Code regulations, including new and amended regulations that were adopted throughout 2016.

Table of Contents

Statutes Texas Constitution Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code Title 3. Extraordinary Remedies Title 6. Miscellaneous Provisions Texas Estates Code Title 2. Estates of Decedents; Durable Powers of Attorney Title 3. Guardianship & Related Procedures Texas Health & Safety Code Title 5. Sanitation & Environmental Quality Texas Natural Resources Code Title 2. Public Domain Title 3. Oil & Gas Texas Property Code Title 4. Actions & Remedies Title 5. Exempt Property & Liens Title 6. Unclaimed Property Texas Administration Code 16 T.A.C. Texas Register Comments Title 16. Economic Regulation Chapter 1. Practice & Procedure Chapter 2. Informal Complaint Procedure Chapter 3. Oil & Gas Division Chapter 4. Environmental Protection Chapter 5. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Chapter 7. Gas Services Division Chapter 8. Pipeline Safety Regulations Chapter 9. LP-Gas Safety Rules Chapter 13. Regulations for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Chapter 14. Regulations for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Chapter 15. Alternative Fuels Programs Chapter 18. Underground Pipeline Damage Prevention Chapter 20. Administration Title 30. Environmental Quality Chapter 106. Permits by Rule Chapter 116. Control of Air Pollution by Permits for New Construction or Modification Title 31. Natural Resources & Conservation Chapter 8. Gas Marketing Program Chapter 9. Exploration & Leasing of State Oil & Gas Chapter 19. Oil Spill Prevention & Response Chapter 20. Natural Resources Damage Assessment Chapter 151. Operations of the School Land Board Title 43. Transportation Chapter 21. Right of Way Texas Tax Code Title 2. State Taxation Texas Utilities Code Title 3. Gas Regulation Title 4. Delivery of Utility Services Texas Water Code Title 2. Water Administration

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