O’Connor’s Texas Probate Law Handbook 2018

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December 2017
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by Craig Hopper

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Authored by Craig Hopper and D’Ana H. Mikeska—board-certified attorneys in estate planning and probate law—O’Connor’s Texas Probate Law Handbook provides an in-depth and practice-focused explanation of probate law in Texas. Designed to help attorneys and paralegals handle probate matters quickly and effectively with detailed, step-by-step instructions and comprehensive analysis, this 800-page guide will be an indispensable resource in any office.  The book’s main topics include the following:  

  • Death and disposition of the body
  • Collecting, securing, and managing estate property
  • Jurisdiction and venue
  • Wills (requirements and construction)
  • Intestate succession
  • Personal representatives (duties and powers, and how to sue and replace)
  • Opening an administration
  • Federal, state, and foreign taxes
  • Dependent administrations
  • Independent administrations
  • Temporary administrations
  • Will contests
  • Foreign wills
  • Alternatives to administration

New Features for 2018

First edition released in December 2017.

Table of Contents

Commentaries 1.General Concepts A.Overview of Probate Law B.Death & Disposition of the Body C.Gathering Information D.Obtaining Access to Safe-Deposit Boxes & Personal Documents E.Protecting Personal Property in Rented Accommodations F.Nonprobate Assets 2.Filing & Serving A.Where to File—Jurisdiction & Venue B.Citation & Notice 3.Intestate Succession A.Overview of Intestacy Laws B.Application to Determine Heirship C.Requesting Administration 4.Wills A.Will Requirements B.Probate of Will with Request for Administration C.Will Construction 5.Personal Representatives A.Rights, Duties & Powers of Personal Representatives B.Show-Cause Proceedings C.Replacing Personal Representatives D.Suits Against Personal Representatives 6.Opening of Administration A.Notice to Creditors & Certain Beneficiaries B.Identifying, Collecting & Securing Estate Assets C.Inventory, Appraisement & List of Claims D.Exempt Property E.Family Allowance 7.Federal, State & Foreign Taxes A.Federal Taxes—General Duty to File & Pay B.Federal Taxes—Decedent’s Income-Tax Return C.Federal Taxes—Estate Income-Tax Return D.Federal Taxes—Gift- & Estate-Tax Returns E.State & Foreign Tax Matters 8.Dependent Administration A.Managing Estate Assets B.Creditor Claims C.Interim Accounting D.Compensation & Expenses E.Partitioning & Distributing Assets F.Closing the Administration 9.Independent Administration A.Managing Estate Assets B.Creditor Claims C.Interim Accounting D.Compensation & Expenses E.Partitioning & Distributing Assets F.Closing the Administration 10.Temporary Administration 11.Will Contests A.Contest of Domestic Will B.Family Settlement Agreements 12.Foreign Wills A.Recording & Probating Foreign Will B.Contest of Foreign Will 13.Alternatives to Administration A.Probate of Will as Muniment of Title B.Affidavit of Heirship C.Small-Estate Affidavit D.Order of No Administration E.Informal Administration of Community Property

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