O’Connor’s Texas Rules * Civil Trials 2018

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January 2018
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by John Zavitsanos

Book Features

Expert commentary. Written and edited by experienced practitioners and backed by thousands of citations, the book’s ten commentary chapters explain the details of civil procedure step by step.

Annotated rules. The complete Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and Texas Rules of Evidence annotated with key quotations from leading opinions from the Supreme Court and intermediate appellate courts.

Helpful extras. Handy charts that summarize complex information. Timetables for computing important deadlines. And much more.

New Features for 2018

  • Updated commentary and practice tips from contributing author John Zavitsanos and members of his firm, Ahmad, Zavitsanos, Anaipakos, Alavi & Mensing P.C.
  • Revised commentary on forum-selection clauses, including a discussion of when a nonsignatory can enforce a forum-selection clause and the framework for determining whether a claim falls within the scope of a clause.
  • Updated commentary on motions to dismiss under the Texas Citizens Participation Act (anti-SLAPP motions) based on recent case law’s plain-language interpretation of the Act’s scope.
  • Updated commentary on the scope of electronic discovery based on the Texas Supreme Court’s recent opinion requiring that requested discovery be “proportional” to the needs of the case.
  • Revised commentary on the acceptance-of-benefits doctrine discussing the factors a court will consider when determining whether the doctrine applies to estop a party from appealing a judgment.
  • Fully updated and revised commentary reflecting important case law from 2017.
  • New annotations from case law interpreting the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and Texas Rules of Evidence.
  • Summaries of all important Texas Supreme Court cases from 2017 affecting civil procedure.

Table of Contents

Charts Timetables Appeal to the Court of Appeals Discovery Schedule for Level 1 Discovery Schedule for Level 2 Motion for Summary Judgment Motion to Abate Motion to Change Venue—Local Prejudice Motion to Dismiss—Baseless Cause of Action Motion to Dismiss—Code Forum Non Conveniens Motion to Dismiss—Common-Law Forum Non Conveniens Motion to Extend Postjudgment Deadlines Motion to Reinstate After Dismissal for Want of Prosecution Motion to Transfer Venue—Wrong or Inconvenient County No-Answer Default Judgment Offer of Proof & Bill of Exception Offer of Settlement Pretrial Motions Request for Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law Special Appearance Commentaries 1.General A.Introduction to the Texas Rules B.Rules of Pleading C.Rules for Filing Documents D.Rules for Serving Documents E.Types of Hearings F.Making & Preserving Objections G.Rulings of the Court H.The Attorney I.Guardian Ad Litem Under TRCP 173 J.Associate Judge K.Master in Chancery L.Subpoenas 2.Plaintiff’s Lawsuit A.Prefiling Considerations B.Plaintiff’s Original Petition C.Expedited Actions D.Injunctive Relief E.Declaratory Judgment F.Parties & Claims G.Choosing the Court—Jurisdiction H.Choosing the Court—Venue I.Serving the Defendant with Suit J.Suit by Indigent 3.Defendant’s Response & Pleadings A.Defendant’s Pleadings B.Special Appearance—Challenging Personal Jurisdiction C.Motion to Transfer—Challenging Venue D.Forum Non Conveniens—Challenging the Texas Forum E.The Answer—Denying Liability F.Plea to the Jurisdiction—Challenging the Court G.Special Exceptions—Challenging the Pleadings H.Motion to Dismiss—Baseless Cause of Action I.Motion to Abate—Challenging the Suit J.Motion to Quash—Challenging the Service K.Motion to Dismiss—Anti-SLAPP Motion 4.Alternative Dispute Resolution A.The ADR System B.Mediation C.Arbitration D.Special Judge 5.Pretrial Motions A.Pretrial Conference B.Request for Jury Trial C.Motion to Challenge the Judge D.Motion for Continuance E.Motion in Limine F.Motion to Amend Pleadings—Pretrial G.Motion to Transfer to Multidistrict Litigation Pretrial Court H.Motion for Additional Resources I.Motions for Severance & Separate Trials J.Joining Parties or Claims K.Motion for Sanctions L.Motion to Seal Court Records M.Motion for Judicial Notice N.Motion to Exclude Expert 6.Discovery A.General Rules for Discovery B.Scope of Discovery C.Electronic Discovery D.Securing Discovery from Experts E.Requests for Disclosure F.Depositions G.Interrogatories H.Requests for Admissions I.Securing Documents & Tangible Things J.Medical Records K.Entry on Land 7.Disposition Without Trial A.Default Judgment B.Motion for Summary Judgment—General Rules C.Traditional Motion for Summary Judgment D.No-Evidence Motion for Summary Judgment E.Motion for Judgment on Agreed Statement of Facts F.Voluntary Dismissal—Nonsuit G.Involuntary Dismissal H.Offer of Settlement I.Settlement of the Suit 8.The Trial A.Jury Selection B.Opening Statement C.Introducing Evidence D.Objecting to Evidence E.Offer of Proof & Bill of Exception F.Motion to Amend Pleadings—Trial & Post-trial G.Motion for Directed Verdict H.Motion to Reopen for Additional Evidence I.Jury Charge J.Final Argument K.Verdict 9.The Judgment A.Motion for Judgment B.Motion for JNOV C.Judgment D.Res Judicata & Collateral Estoppel 10.Postjudgment Motions A.Introduction B.Motion for New Trial C.Motion for Remittitur D.Motion to Modify the Judgment E.Request for Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law F.Motion to Reinstate After Dismissal for Want of Prosecution G.Motion to Extend Postjudgment Deadlines H.Motion for Judgment Nunc Pro Tunc Rules Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure Section One: General Provisions Section Two: Appeals from Trial Court Judgments & Orders Section Three: Original Proceedings in the Supreme Court & the Courts of Appeals Section Four: Proceedings in the Supreme Court Section Five: Proceedings in the Court of Criminal Appeals Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Part I. General Rules Part II. Rules of Practice in District & County Courts Part III. Rules of Procedure for the Courts of Appeals Part IV. Rules of Practice for the Supreme Court Part V. Rules of Practice in Justice Courts Part VI. Rules Relating to Ancillary Proceedings Part VII. Rules Relating to Special Proceedings Part VIII. Closing Rules Texas Rules of Evidence Article I. General Provisions Article II. Judicial Notice Article III. Presumptions Article IV. Relevance & Its Limits Article V. Privileges Article VI. Witnesses Article VII. Opinions & Expert Testimony Article VIII. Hearsay Article IX. Authentication & Identification Article X. Contents of Writings, Recordings, & Photographs

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