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Book Features

Designed to keep pace with the ever-growing complexity of real estate practice, this book provides you with a comprehensive and reliable set of forms to handle your commercial and residential needs. Texas Forms – Real Estate covers a wide range of transactions, including sales and conveyances, leases, financing, mechanic’s liens, property owners’ associations, and foreclosure. And as always, all the forms have been thoroughly reviewed to make sure you stay current and legally compliant. Each form can be downloaded in Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect and easily tailored to meet your client’s specific needs.

New Features for 2018

For 2018, Texas Forms – Real Estate has been greatly expanded and updated with new legislation from the 85th Texas Legislature. Specifically, the 2018 edition has been updated with legislative changes affecting real property conveyances, landlord-tenant matters, nonjudicial foreclosures, property owners’ associations, and expunctions of notices of lis pendens. As always, all the forms have been thoroughly reviewed to make sure they stay current and legally compliant.

Table of Contents

Commentaries 2.Introduction to Leases 4.Introduction to Foreclosures Forms 1Sale & Conveyance Forms 1:1.Listing Agreement – Exclusive Right to Sell 1:2.Real Estate Sales Contract – Improved Commercial Property 1:3.Real Estate Sales Contract – Unimproved Property 1:4.Title Company Receipt and Escrow Agreement 1:5.Letter of Intent (for Sales Contract) 1:6.Surveyor’s Certificate – Seller’s Version 1:7.Surveyor’s Certificate – Purchaser’s Version 1:8.General Warranty Deed 1:9.Special Warranty Deed 1:10.Special Warranty Deed with Vendor's Lien 1:11.Deed Without Warranty 1:12.Quitclaim Deed 1:13.Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure 1:14.Blanket Bill of Sale 1:15.Bill of Sale 1:16.Assignment and Assumption of Leases 1:17.Assignment and Assumption of Service Contracts 1:18.Seller's Representation Certificate 1:19.Notice of Transfer of Security Deposit 1:20.Letter Regarding Notice of Termination of Contract 2Lease Forms 2:1.Basic Commercial Lease 2:2.Retail Lease 2:3.Office Lease 2:4.Office Lease Commencement Letter 2:5.Parking Facility Rider to Office Lease 2:6.Residential Lease 2:7.Industrial Lease 2:8.Hunting Lease 2:9.Grazing Lease 2:10.Ground Lease – Improved Property 2:11.Ground Lease – Unimproved Property 2:12.Expansion-Space Rider 2:13.Extension-Option Rider 2:14.Subordination, Nondisturbance, and Attornment Agreement 2:15.Lease Assignment 2:16.Tenant’s Estoppel Certificate 2:17.Guaranty 2:18.Sublease 2:19.Consent to Sublease 2:20.Landlord’s Lien Waiver 2:21.Notice of Default 2:22.Notice of Lawful Exclusion from Leased Commercial Premises 2:23.Notice of Intent to Exclude from Leased Residential Premises 2:24.Notice of Lawful Exclusion from Leased Residential Premises 2:25.Notice of Change of Locks 2:26.Notice to Vacate and Notice of Debt Collection 2:27.Work Letter – Landlord Constructs Improvements 2:28.Work Letter – Tenant Constructs Improvements 2:29.Modification of Lease 2:30.Termination of Lease Agreement 2:31.Memorandum of Lease 3Real Estate Finance Forms 3:1.Promissory Note 3:2.Deed of Trust 3:3.Deed of Trust to Secure Assumption 3:4.Assumption Agreement 3:5.Leasehold Deed of Trust 3:6.Consent to Leasehold Deed of Trust 3:7.Security Agreement 3:8.Description of Collateral 3:9.Collateral Assignment of Notes and Liens 3:10.Transfer of Note and Liens 3:11.Collateral Note Maker's Estoppel Certificate 3:12.UCC Financing Statement 3:13.UCC Financing Statement Amendment 3:14.Note Purchase and Sale Agreement 3:15.Assignment of Loan Documents 3:16.Notice of Assignment of Note and Loan Documents 3:17.Allonge to Promissory Note 3:18.Release of Lien 3:19.Partial Release of Lien 3:20.Renewal and Extension of Loan Documents 3:21.Assignment of Leases and Rents 3:22.Subordination of Lien 3:23.Notice of Final Agreement 3:24.Guaranty Agreement 4Loan Default & Foreclosure Forms 4A:1.Notice of Maturity and Demand for Payment 4A:2.Notice of Foreclosure (Matured Note) 4A:3.Notice of Default and Intent to Accelerate 4A:4.Notice of Acceleration and Foreclosure Notice (Delinquent Note) 4A:5.Appointment of Substitute Trustee 4A:6.Notice to IRS of Nonjudicial Sale of Property 4A:7.Notice of Substitute Trustee’s Sale 4A:8.Affidavit of Posting and Filing 4A:9.Affidavit of Personal Notice 4A:10.Reinstatement Agreement 4A:11.Notice of Rescission of Accelerated Maturity Date 4A:12.Foreclosure Speech for Public Sale of Real Property 4A:13.Substitute Trustee’s Deed 4A:14.Notice to Vacate After Foreclosure Sale 4A:15.Foreclosure Affidavit 4A:16.Notice of Rescission of Nonjudicial Foreclosure Sale 4A:17.Affidavit of Return of Bid Amount 4A:18.Acceptance of Collateral in Partial Satisfaction 4A:19.Notice of Disposition of Collateral – Nonconsumer Goods 4A:20.Notice of Public Sale of Personal Property 4A:21.Public Sale Bid Instructions for Personal Property 4A:22.Foreclosure Speech for Public Sale of Personal Property 4A:23.Transfer/Bill of Sale of Personal Property 4B:1.Style of the Case 4B:2.Signature Block 4B:3.Application for Order on Home Equity, Reverse Mortgage, or HELOC 4B:4.Application for Order on Tax Lien Transfer or Property Tax Loan 4B:5.Application for Order on POA Assessment 4B:6.Affidavit for Expedited Order 4B:7.Declaration for Expedited Order 4B:8.Military Status Affidavit 4B:9.Military Status Declaration 4B:10.Default Order 5Mechanic’s Lien Forms 5:1.Mechanic’s Lien Contract 5:2.Mechanic’s Lien Note 5:3.Statutory Waiver and Release – Unconditional Final Payment 5:4.Statutory Waiver and Release – Conditional Final Payment 5:5.Statutory Waiver and Release – Unconditional Progress Payment 5:6.Statutory Waiver and Release – Conditional Progress Payment 5:7.Affidavit of Noncommencement 6Residential Subdivision Restrictions & POA Forms 6:1.Declaration of Restrictive Covenants – Residential Subdivision 6:2.Certificate of Formation of Owners’ Association 6:3.Bylaws of Owners’ Association (Nonprofit Corporation) 6:4.Deed Without Warranty 6:5.Management Certificate (Owners’ Association) 6:6.Document Retention Policy 6:7.Records Production and Copying Policy 6:8.Payment Plan Policy 6:9.Assessment Collection Policy 6:10.Architectural Guidelines – Rain Barrels and Rainwater Harvesting 6:11.Architectural Guidelines – Installation of Solar Panels 6:12.Architectural Guidelines – Flagpole Installation and Flag Display 6:13.Architectural Guidelines – Display of Religious Items 6:14.Architectural Guidelines – Drought-Resistant Landscaping 6:15.Architectural Guidelines – Installation of Standby Electric Generators 6:16.Notice of Filing of Dedicatory Instruments – Owners’ Association 6:17.Notice to Purchasers (Houston Deed Restrictions) 6:18.Notice of Membership in Property Owners’ Association 6:19.Subdivision Information 7Title Affidavits 7:1.Affidavit of Heirship 7:2.Affidavit of Identity 7:3.Affidavit of Marital Status 7:4.Affidavit of Nonproduction 8Entity Resolutions Forms 8:1.Certificate of Resolutions – Corporation 8:2.Certificate of Resolutions – General Partnership 8:3.Certificate of Resolutions – LLC 8:4.Certificate of Resolutions – Limited Partnership 8:5.Certificate of Resolutions – Nonprofit Corporation 9Easement Agreements 9:1.Easement Agreement for Access 9:2.Easement Agreement for Reciprocal Access 9:3.Easement Agreement for Utilities 10Miscellaneous Closing Forms 10:1.Nonforeign Affidavit (Entity) 10:2.Nonforeign Affidavit (Individual) 10:3.Patriot Act Affidavit 10:4.Special Durable Power of Attorney for Real Estate Transactions 10:5.Certification of Durable Power of Attorney by Agent 10:6.MUD Notice (Property Within City Limits) 10:7.MUD Notice (Property Within ETJ) 10:8.MUD Notice (Property Outside ETJ) 10:9.Notice of Possible Annexation 10:10.Designation of Homestead 10:11.Nonhomestead Affidavit 10:12.Notice of Pipeline Locations 10:13.Notice of Certificated Water Services 10:14.Notice for Property Located in Certain Annexed Water Districts 10:15.Assumed-Name Certificate (Incorporated Business or Profession) 10:16.Property Condition Disclaimer 10:17.Restrictive Covenants – Use Restrictions for Commercial Property 10:18.Boundary-Line Agreement 10:19.Agreement to Waive Surface Rights 10:20.Notice of Lis Pendens 10:21.Lis Pendens – Release 10:22.Expunge Lis Pendens – Motion 10:23.Expunge Lis Pendens – Response 10:24.Expunge Lis Pendens – Order 10:25.Cancel Lis Pendens – Motion 10:26.Cancel Lis Pendens – Response 10:27.Cancel Lis Pendens – Order 10:28.Style of the Case 10:29.Certificate of Service 11Acknowledgments & Jurats 11:1.Acknowledgments 11:2.Jurats

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