The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law

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February 2014
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by Nathaniel Burney

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“An undercover has to tell you if he’s a cop. Otherwise it’s entrapment, right?”

Wrong. That’s just one of many popular myths about criminal law that get repeated on street corners, in locker rooms, and on websites every day—all of them wrong.

Based on his popular Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law webcomic series, Nathaniel Burney debunks all of those myths and teaches everything you never learned about the law. Not just what the law is, but why it’s like that and how it works.

Collected here in the first printed volume, The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law is a complete law school course that keeps the “laughter” in “manslaughter.” As you read, you start from the absolute basics (“What is crime?”) and are soon deep in complex concepts like conspiracy, self-defense and, yes, entrapment—all explained with humor, wit, and passion.

“After reading Nathan’s magnus illustratum ..., you will have a firm understanding of American criminal law. Indeed, you may well have a better grasp than most lawyers.” From the Foreword by Scott H. Greenfield of Simple Justice: A New York Criminal Defense Blog

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Part 1. Crime
Part 2. Punishment

Purposes of Punishment
Part 3. "For the Love of God, Why?" — Rehabilitation
Part 4. "Don't Do That Again" — Deterrence
Part 5. "The Three 'R's" — Removal, Retribution, Retaliation

Part 6. "I Didn't Mean To!" — Mens Rea
Part 7. "The Axes of Evil" — Responsibility, Depravity
Part 8. "What Have You Done?" — Actus Reus

Inchoate Crimes
Part 9. "At Least You Tried" — Attempt
Part 10. "We'll All Go Down Together" — Solicitation, Accomplice Liability, Conspiracy

Part 11. "Excuse Me!" — Excuse Defenses
Part 12. "I was Entrapped!" — Entrapment
Part 13. "I Had to Do It!" — Necessity
Part 14. "He Made Me Do It!" — Duress
Part 15. "It was Him or Me!" — Self Defense

Summing Up
Part 16. "Problems & Solutions" — Overcriminalization, Regulatory Crimes and Strict Liability
Part 17. "Putting It All Together" — Examples

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